3G Mobile Service Ending

For the not so tech savy, one option is to locate the model number - version and contact your Mobile service provider. The device needs to support the bands and communication technology used by the provider.

For those more tech savy the device Cellular capabilities are typically listed in the product specifications. To note there are models specific to Australia, hence important to be sure the specifications are for the Aussie version.

EG. iPad 9th Gen, Model A2603.

One could use this detail to refer to one of the previous posts for listings of each carriers 4G bands and services to assess. As a quick check, I found where there is both 4G and 3G service, the data devices I own preferably use 4G. When switching to 3G the data rate drops significantly. Depending on the device it will indicate if it is connected to 3G or 4G for data.


Not just phones and tablets. Also dongles. Also some embedded systems.

No doubt a whole lot of those will need to be replaced. But you are unlikely to make the mistake of buying one of those to make phone calls thinking it has a SIM and is 4G and so it must do voice.