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My family have recently became interested in Zero Co, a kitchen, laundry and bathroom shop with a waste free mission. They state that all of their packaging is made from recycled and reclaimed plastics, and can be returned and refilled.

So my question is, what are the products themselves like? They sell various chemicals like detergents, soaps and cleaning products, and I’d be interested to know how they perform.


A thorough review would need to also road test these aspects and look at the net environmental gain or loss?


Thanks for the request @Peterchu, I’ll pass it on to the product testers :+1:


I have used all their products except the dishwashing tablets and I’m very happy with the results. All the products have a lovely fragrance (not too strong and very pleasant), are concentrated and work very well. They give you a reply paid envelope to send back the refill pouches when you have collected 16. The then re-use them after cleaning. This year they are committed to capturing plastic waste from Australia and using it for their “permanent” containers. I will continue to purchase from them, I think they have a wonderful process and it means I’m not throwing plastic into the recycling bin or general waste bin. They are very friendly and good to deal with (and no, I’m not affiliated with the company in any way!).


Thanks for the feedback. It’s good to know!

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You’re welcome.

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Thank goodness these have become available. I bought a (refillable) pouch of a different brand of laundry liquid - - and a stainless steel pump-pack dispenser in October 2019, and I’m about ¾ of the way through the pouch. It’s looking like they will last 2 years each.

Now that our plastic rubbish has been found at the bottom of the Marianas Trench, has been accumulating at the top of Mount Everest since the 1950s, and is floating and blowing around at all altitudes between these, we can ease up a bit on the rate at which we add to the destruction.


I’d also like to see this company’s products tested, in particular the dishwasher tablets, dishwashing liquid, and laundry liquid!

Every little bit helps. Nearly all our plastics are derived from fossil fuels.

This is true. But what does it being derived from FF have to do with reducing waste and pollution?

The opening post noted,

Admirable. However products claiming they are made from recycled plastic are typically a blend of new (FF sourced) plastic and selected recycled plastic. How important is it for those promoting a better option (Zero Co) to acknowledge the truth their product requires FF derived plastic? It’s an improvement, but still not sustainable. What is the percentage of recycled plastic in their product packaging, and how readily can the containers be recycled at end of life?

Aside from Aluminium and Glass options there is some prospect plastic may become equally able to be substantially recyclable.

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