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Xmas Really Does Come Early

It’s official. Xmas really does come early.

Our local Coles had Xmas items out for sale yesterday.

Still not as mercenary and annoying as hot cross buns in early January.


Yes Woollies had Xmas cakes and puddings on their shelves 2 weeks ago. Bunnings had xmas lights at least a week ago. I feel that September is way too early for me… but somebody must be buying .


I know a few people that get really ticked off when retailers start their seasonal promotions too early. For example, hot cross buns and Easter eggs.

It would be interesting to see the Community’s take on this one.

How early is too early for seasonal promotions?

  • 1 month
  • 2 months
  • 3 months
  • 4 months
  • Never too early

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Hot Cross Buns are already available (for at least a week before this post), and Woolworths are already plying us with various flavours as I am sure Coles are to:

Woolworths display today 6/01/2020…“New” is the sales sticker proud announcement and only $3.50. Still a good few months before Easter.

Soon they will be a all Year product if things keep going this way.


That hot cross loaf is an abomination but call me intrigued.


Further proof that Xmas can really come early with Telstra providing free calls and WiFi from their pay phones from Xmas Eve to New Year’s Day.

Unfortunately, those who really need a hand up will probably be crowded out by bottom-feeding freeloaders.

An “article” regarding Coles Xmas food range.

“For the first time ever, Coles has added duck to its Christmas range. Previously the supermarket has not stocked duck due to welfare issues, but this year it has found supply that meets its standards, so you’ll see more than one duck offering.”

How do they come up with this puerile gargage?

I have been buying fresh whole Luv-A-Duck’s from Coles for decades at Xmas and they usually always have them frozen all year round.

Coles also stocks fresh Luv-A-Duck portions in the meat section all year round.

Who creates thie rubbish and doesn’t anyone check it?

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