Xiaomi mobile phone issue

My wife and I have Xiaomi “Redmi” phones. A Note 10 model and a Note 9 Pro model.
Both phones have been very reliable and after recently checking with the Choice Community confirmed that they are both suitable for the change over from 3G to 4G.
We have one small problem that has us stumped. On my wife’s Note 10 phone my mobile number rings once then immediately has a line busy message. Effectively she is unable to ring me! Using the Xiaomi web help people is proving to be almost impossible.
Has any other subscriber experienced this type of problem.

It is worth checking the blocked numbers list on the phone. We had a family member (on a Vivo phone) that accidentally blocked a number and it exhibited the same symptoms as you are experiencing.

If the number is blocked, unblock the number and then it should work as normal.

Thank you for your interest. The number that is the problem is not listed in the “Blocked numbers” register in the mobile. I had received some suggestions from the on line Xiaomi global people that did not make sense. I will see if I can cut and paste the last communication I had with them onto this thread. It may help? Yea, success, see below.

Hello, Greetings from Xiaomi Customer Support! This is Steven.
We at Xiaomi value your trust and we apologize for the inconvenience. Rest assured that we’ll assist you on this.
According to your description, we would like to inform you that the “call transfer” or “harassment interception” function is not in the Settings, but in the phone’s settings. You can click on the Phone icon and then click on the Settings in the upper right corner to find the above options.
We hope the above information helps you.

Following on from this message received from Xiaomi I responded.
Following on from your response I went to the “Settings” and was unable to locate either of the two suggested headings. The phone that I am using is the Redmi Note 10 model. Under the heading “Settings” the following sub headings are listed. GENERAL. Accessibility, Assisted dialling, Blocked numbers, calling accounts, Call recording, Display options, Quick responses, Sounds and vibration, Voicemail, Contact ringtones. ADVANCED. Caller ID announcement, Flip to silence.
This is the full list of sub headings under the heading “Settings”. I reached the “Heading” section by clicking on the screen phone icon, then on the three vertical dots RHS of the top tool bar. This brings up a small sub screen display with “Call history, Settings, Help and feedback” The Redmi Note 9 plus has the identical headings/sub headings.
To repeat the problem that we have:- the phone number being dialled from the Note 10 phone rings once then goes to a line busy message. It is only on this one phone number.
I have gone to the trouble to fully explain why your initial instruction/s were not working. Please read through my response as at this point we do not appear to be on the same page!
Thank You,
Hope this not all too much!! Will await any additional comment.

Careful, after working with a very large Asian company for many years I learned to never use jargon nor colloquial English unless I personally knew the person and their English fluency. A person with English as a second (or third or fourth or …) language could struggle to understand which page you are on. The one from the phone icon or the settings one.

OTOH ‘We do not seem to be understanding each other …’ makes it clear there is a communication problem. Or am I on a different page?

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I haven’t, but I see online that a lot of other people have had similar-sounding problems over a number of years. A lot, though not all, are with Xiaomi phones.

This was actually the only item I came across where the problem was resolved:

It would be worth a try, if you haven’t already done this. Delete and re-create your contact entry for your wife’s number.

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This is how to get to call forwarding/transfer:

The harassment interception will possibly be call barring. This is where tye settings are:

In addition to the above, is caller ID on for your partner’s phone? If it is off, the phone may be set to reject unknown numbers.

The other option is add the phone number to contacts. If it has been added, check the settings in contacts to make sure it hasn’t been blocked there.

Thank you everyone who responded. Success!!! My wife can now ring me. At our age, a necessity.
Once again, thank you for your help.


Congratulations that you have managed to sort it out. Please don’t hesitate in posting additional questions if you need additional help.