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Would you try meat substitues?


Japanese and most other Asian people have been eating & drinking Soy products for a very long time and have very good health. Too many people get too mindful of possible problems and thus disregard the already very evident positives. If someone is male and too fat they produce estrogen in the belly fat, that certainly has greater health implications for a male than eating some Soy products every day. Asian females have been eating Soy for so long that it would be very evident if it had negative effects but they have very good longevity & general health. However as they eat more Western style diets things have been changing.

I think there are much larger concerns with Western diets as they generally include large amounts of sugars & other carbohydrates, salt, fats, oils, processed meat, & other additives to the whazoo.

I understand why GM crops are so prevalent as it makes large and intensive crop weed and pest control much easier for the farmers. However I still prefer to eat non GM food but it is very hard to avoid particularly as many GM crops have had their products added throughout many foods we eat these days.


I’m a carnivore, theres no way around it. I’ve tried meat substitutes and generally I don’t like them, or they don’t like me.

In the latter category is anything made with soy, and that is because my hypothyroidism worsens when I have soy products… its OK when theres a little in a product but I cant have soy milk, for example.

IN the former category there’s Quorn. I thought I would try it but no matter how I dressed up the “mince” it was still tasteless. And that was after adding 2x the onion and seasoning herbs, and 4x my usual garlic. I’ll never have it again. It was like eating minced cardboard.


From some of the community input there are choices about how to do vegetarian cooking. One approach is to replicate familiar styles of Aussie meals using non animal based proteins. This appears to have varying degrees of success and limited products. For some it is unacceptable.

The alternative is based on traditional vegetarian recipes. Indian cooking might be a great place to start looking. Up to 500 million don’t consume any meat! There is plenty of alternate inspiration when the following stats are considered.

My experiences of eating vegetarian in India are that soy is not necessary or even a key ingredient.


Sure. But the topic was about meat substitutes. I was simply offering my perspective.


Yes @SueW, appreciate your feedback, it is about meat substitutes.

Importantly they do not need to be soy based. It is just convenient to make them that way.

It has been a very broad discussion so far. Hopefully there is value in understanding the motivation to critique the product and an opportunity to contrast it with the alternatives.

One of the alternatives is animal derived meats.
Another is common vegetarian meal products.

Substitute meat products are options for both cuisines.

I was hoping to also communicate that despite many substitute meat products bring soy based, we should not equate soy products with being a vegetarian, or vegetarians needing soy in their diet.

I also pointed out with respect to imitation of meat products, and implied those made from soy,

It’s evident you prefer your meat to have freely roamed the range, as do many of us. I prefer mine close to mooing, but it is a once a week only type of meal. Soy is just another way to consume vegetables. I prefer mine fresh, warm and salted straight from the pod. ‘Edamame’ anyone?


Ouch, not eating any fruit, vegetables, cereals, pulses…I think you may mean omnivore. Omnivore being how the human gut has evolved with intake of plant and aminal based foods.


ROFL! Yes indeed. Omnivore is the right word :slight_smile:

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Simple answer No sir


This popped up this morning. It is worth throwing into the discussion because the discussion implicitly touches on vegan and vegetarian type diets. As presented the article could be considered an op-ed, so take or leave it for what you wish.


I would not bother to even try a meat “substitute”.

I enjoy eating meat, although not very often, so a meat substitute I would not bother with.

There are so many wonderful foods available to us why would one need anything to be “substituted” when we have millions of other amazing options to choose from?

Just my thoughts on the matter :wink:


For me, it’s about the texture as well as the flavour. I have tried vegetarian patties and sausages and find them quite horrible. However I am happy to eat vegetarian and vegan food, as long as it isn’t trying to be meat. I often have a vegetarian meal, incorporating soy, legumes etc but I make it myself and it is usually Asian. But I enjoy meat, but have more vegetables than meat on the plate.


An article regarding artificial “meat” developments in the US.

It will feature in "High Steaks’ on ABC TV at 8:00 PM tonight.

I loved the wording on the T shirt in the photo at the bottom of the article.




Now Burger King are selling imitation meat burgers in the US.

And the vegans are upset that the patties are grilled on the same hotplates on which real meat is cooked.

It reminds me of one of the slogans Adrian Richardson had written in chalk on his wood fired oven in his SBS TV show, “Secret Meat Business”.

“Tofu Is The Enemy”.



Wonder how many meat eaters would be upset with their meat pattie being cooked on the same grill as a vegan substitute.


I thought I wouldn’t be until i read in the above link: " The protein in meat called heme…when cooked looks like blood…red juice rising at the top
of the burgher…"
That would upset me a bit, because I like my meat well cooked and wouldn’t want any ‘blood’ on it :wink:.


And sects argue over the way to knot their tzitzits.


Indeed they do …

… and not only meat alternatives, there’s a cure for cancer, vaccines are bad, 5G will kill us all, and they are trying to change human DNA so we can’t be born again … and it is starting in America !! The age of “Techno-Nazi-ism” is here … apparently …

Rick’s meat discussion starts here but the whole amazing delivery starts earlier here.

Disclaimer: I have nothing to do with these people :rofl: any of them !!

… makes me want to go out and eat a meatless burger, you know, to purge me of soul … except … “meat” …


These imitation meat people are unbelievable.

They do not want to eat real meat but their artifical meat must look, taste and even bleed like real meat.

They are even worse than those who won’t eat pork but eat “beef bacon” as pretend bacon.

Why not just stick with tofu?


A lot of people are vegetarian or vegan for ethical reasons. If they want their plant based meat to look like meat what’s wrong with that?