Working out telstra plans

I have had to change from optus to telstra as optus do not service my area. Our old optus plan was a simple cap with no hidden fine print. Our first Telstra plan seemed to be adequate for our needs but on getting our first bill we received a fair whack of charges over our cap amount. Reason? As we were just outside the metro area many of our calls were considered not local calls-a problem that did not occur further down the south coast with optus who had a simple dollar cap. We then upgraded our plan to get around the ussue but guess wgat. Telstra as masters of fine print still have extra charges at times…apparently 1300 numbers are not local calls! Oh to be able to get back on the plain english optus plan with the easy dollar cap. Ahhh Telstra! Unclear one day and just plain deceptive the next!


There’s nothing worse than getting a bill that’s much higher than you expected. Mobile phone plans are tough to work out. I wish telcos were more transparent about their plans and coverage (and lack thereof).

I’ve been with TPG for a few years. They recently left the Optus network for Vodafone. With Optus, the coverage was unpredictable. Let’s see how it goes with the Vodafone network.

Hi Ross.
Over the year I have had numerous shall we say discussions with Telstra over various service and account issues. In frustration I contacted the telecommunications ombudsmen and the response from Telstra changed dramatically. This is not a course of action I would recommend unless you as I was as in feeling totally at my wits end. Good luck with it Ross.

Thanks for that. I have it under control for now but I am also the sort of customer who will vote with my feet when our contract is up-especially if optus is in our area by then, my goal here is to warn people about these plans that have hidden charges. My past experiences with Telstra are not good and I would warn all consumers to be wary in their dealings with Telstra

We also live in a fringe reception area and are tied to Telstra but we have just changed to Aldimobile which is a Telstra reseller (VMNO). We now have unlimited calls and text and 2GB of data for $25/month. Changing from Telstra to them was very quick and painless and we kept our numbers and no contracts

Thanks for that…we are under co tract for now bit I will review it upon expiry next year…I have never been a fan of Telstra…