Woolworths pop-outs

Looks like Woolworth’s is avoiding the negative response of the Coles Little ‘plastic’ Shop items as their Christmas marketing campaign are card popouts for children (big or small) to make.

They are also advertising these as being Made in Australia and using Recyclable Paper.

At least this is a positive step and doesn’t use any plastic.

I wonder if Coles will follow suit with their next Checkout handouts?


@phb, I thought this deserved its own thread so I’ve transferred it here. I noticed these at a Woolworths store recently and was glad to see they have avoided some of the issues Coles. The style of the promo means it’s unlikely IMO to get as much attention as Coles Little Shop, but overall it seems like a move in the right direction.


I’ve read Coles is bringing back a Christmas range of Little Shop :expressionless:


Yes, more plastic ones…

What is surprising is they have persisted with making more plastic one when there are more ‘environmentally friendly’ options. A good friend who designs and sells paper models has indicated in the past that things like this can easily be made in paper (using recycled card like his own products). A simple shape like those in the Coles Little Shop would be very easy to make and distribute in paper/card. They would also come as a ‘flat pack’ for Coles customers to make, adding some creativity to the process. Maybe Coles, unlike Woollies, thinks that their customers are not sophisticated enough to pop out some shapes in card, fold them and create a 3-D object.

While the Coles announcement is disappointing, what it proves is if there is demand for something which has no real worth/value and potentially creates more waste, then big business will ignore criticism and proceed to satisfy this demand. We as consumers created this demand and success of the previous little shop campaign, and in the end we as consumer are ultimately just as responsible when making purchase decisions. If there was not demand for the Little Shop, then Coles would not be proceeding with a fresh marketing campaign.