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Woolworths don’t send a text with actual estimated time in slot like Coles. For the benefit of others, I think what Coles actually do is text you when they have planned the route (~8-12 hours prior to arrival) and not when you choose the window. I agree that this is very useful. Incidentally Ocado (in the UK) offer choice of 1 hour slots (which is even better). I don’t think Woolworths email with pre-advice of missing items or substitutions. To be honest, only the latter is of any real value to me as pre-advice of substitutions allows me to think about whether I want the sub.


Cancelled due to security reasons could simply be the goods have been stolen or possibly contaminated or that the drivers can’t deliver to an area because of safety concerns


I love it when they ‘leak’ useful email addresses - file this one for future use ! :wink:

I recall Coles being OK and easy to deal with mistakes/missings - Woolies seem less flexible on delivery, seriously, one reason to do this is to save time, for me especially as a single parent - Dealing with Woolies seems like it would be like an NBN appointment …

There’s places near me where Ambo’s won’t go without police (and police won’t go there without more police) - I’d be very surprised if the supermarkets deliver there … I wonder how many places in Australia have real safety concerns? certainly they exist …


Haven’t ever use Woolies, but they are probably similar in complexity for the first time. You do need to take time to set up your preferences, but that applies with anything for the first time - prospective partners included! :grinning:

Once set up, Coles is a breeze. The only complaint is that the custom “Bought before” shopping list doesn’t allow you to remove items although it adds things automatically for you to choose from. If you buy something once and hate it, it will remain on your preferred list forever.


Looks like you should have shopped online at Coles today.