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Woolworths downgrading Tasmanian loyalty card programme

Woolworth’s loyalty card scheme in Tasmania is the Frequent $hoppers Club. Members earn one point per dollar spent and when a total of 1,000 points has accumulated $10 is automatically deducted from the next sale (or can be saved up for redemption at Christmas). As a member, I received a letter today telling me that the Frequent $hopper Club will wind up at the end of 2020 (or soon after) and that instead Woolworths’ Tasmanian customers are now eligible to join the Everyday Rewards loyalty programme, previously only available to mainland residents. Everyday Rewards members also get one point per dollar spent, but in this case a total of 2,000 points has to accumulate before the $10 deduction. In other words, loyalty card rewards are being halved for Tasmanian customers. Any of these customers who plan to switch to Everyday Rewards should obviously delay doing so until year’s end.


I had no loyalty to woolworths when i had the card - if it will provide half the previous benefits, ot is truly worthless!