Woolworths 33% price hike on their Soda Water-The start of hyper inflation?

Does anyone have information on why Woolworths just increased their “own brand” Soda Water by 33% in one hit ? Is CO2 seasonal ? Like, there isn’t much in Soda Water right ?While I live in Darwin, I’m assuming the price hike is national.


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Don’t have any information…but assume that the increase was recent. I recall it being $0.85 here in Tassie, and see online that it is now $1. I initially assumed that the price rise was due to the Tasmanian Government introducing a $0.10 bottle deposit scheme…as the product increase to cover the deposit and costs to operate the scheme is in the order of $0.20 per container.

When checked and the price increase is national.

Coles 1.25L sodawater is also the same price.

I wonder if there has been a price increase as there hasn’t been one for a while…or the price of PET bottles has increased for some reason. It could also be that the product is very low margin (no margin) and since Woolworths competitors have also increased their storebrand sodawater, they have also decided to increase their price.

Notwithstanding this, there is cheaper ways of getting sodawater should you need to partake in the fluid:


Much CO2 is a byproduct of beer making so it ought to be more plentiful in summer. The cost of 1.25 l on soda would contain very little for the CO2, at a guess a few cents, so the cost of CO2 is not going to change the retail price. Nor does it have anything to do with inflation. It’s just marketing.

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This rise and fall has happened in the past, it went from around $0.65 to $0.90 then back to $0.75 then to $0.85 and now to $1.00. I’m not surprised, the supplier here in Qld (their HQ is in NSW and they are national) also makes the product for Woolworths and Aldi, IGA etc Tru Blu Beverages


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I would assume it was a price rise caused by a new contract with their beverage maker Tru Blu. As the rise is generally across all users of the Tru Blu business then this was probably a result of increasing costs for Tru Blu thus an increased price per unit under the contract passed on to the consumers of these products. This info would be Commercial in Confidence as to what caused the rise, but in normal business inflationary pressure would require prices to rise to remain profitable.


Aldi also increased their price of soda. I think it was by 5c but I cannot remember.


Not only soda water - Woolworths Spring Water 24x600ml pack went from $6 to $9 !!!

Opens up a Pandora’s box…Woolies sparkling mineral ($0.75) in Adelaide is cheaper than their soda water ($1.00)…haven’t checked out their sodium content, but the mineral water in terms of composition has few minerals apart from sodium in it. Then we have lightly sparkling mineral water that for some reason is always dearer than normal sparkling mineral water…where you are getting less CO2…go figure???

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I am no expert but have been looking closely at grocery prices for the best part of 30 years.
Supermarkets will have two price hikes with a price drop in between so we don’t notice a price hike of $.65 to $1.00 ( don’t get me started on rebranding to hide smaller servers at the same price).