Woolies Online Overcharge

Please check online shopping charges.
I just placed an online order with Woolies but when I paid the order via PayPal I noticed the amount taken out was $13.00 above the amount that I was supposed to pay. I received an order confirmation email that showed Total Payable $301.74 & Paid by PayPal which $314.74. The PayPal email confirmed $314.74 deducted.
I contacted Woolies by live chat & after a bit of back & forth they admitted there was an error & it was caused by “Miscalculations of Specials” & a refund for overcharge amount would be deposited into my PayPal account between 3-5 days.
Make sure you check transactions


If that happened at a store you would have taken your docket to the counter and had a heart to heart discussion about the Code of Conduct regarding scanning errors re pricing.

You should ask, no demand, similar recompense from their apparent systemic fail although that might technically be outside what they think they signed up for. Trust in their systems? Not in your case, and thanks for the heads up on your experience and what I perceive as a less than adequate Woolies response.


I dont get it. This raises far more questions than answers.
Are you saying that after all your efforts all that happened was that you got the money that their system stole off you back?
It means you are down about $100 in productivity time.
So lets get this right, can Woolworths shoplifters take a print of this letter as a tactical backup and if they get caught, should just hand back the stolen goods and apologise?
if it was a “System” error then that is worse, because that means they a milking millions a day.

If our lousy consumer justice system had any spine, it would be mandatory to receive compensation, even if just a $50 credit voucher as proof of their case.

So, if all they do is only hand back the stolen cash, and only if someone sacrifices their work time & complaining, then why would they change the system?
probably only 1% of people are vigilant like you & I.

Cant see how you or the consumer have won anything back, besides just making others aware.