Woolies National Pies Shonky

A great example of unit pricing being displayed correctly at Coles and displayed to obsfucate at Woollies.

The listing for Garlo’s Pies on Coles website.


And the listing for National Pies on Woollies website.


So whilst Coles clearly displays the price per 100gm and the total pack weights, Woollies chooses to use a variety of price per 100gm and price per each with no pack weights shown.

One needs to do their own calculations to determine that the National Pies Little Grass Fed Beef Rolls 6 pack weights around 360gm, and is very poor value in comparison to the Garlos Junior Sausage Rolls 12 pack which weights 780gm.

Amusingly, I saw them for the first time at our local Woollies yesterday without a price displayed and asked an employee what the Best Before date was as I could not find it.

It was 07.10.20 so I did not buy them, but when I was there today, there were a number of other National Pie packs marked down to half price, and the remaining packs of sausage rolls are Best Before 10.10.2020 so I will try to get a marked down pack on Thursday so as to see if they can actually hold a candle to the Garlo’s sausage rolls.

Interestingly, Tasmanian Bakeries who owns National Pies have an online order facility for locals which shows the price for Proper Little Classic Beef Pies 12 Pack is $6.49 and the price for Proper Little Sausage Roll 12 Pack is also $6.49.whilst twin packs of pies are $5.49.

Note that the Tasmanian bakeries sausage roll packs are 12 pieces for $6.49 in stark comparison to Woollies price of $7.50 for a mere 6 pieces.

Woollies are robbing people blind with these products, especially as they would be buying at wholesale prices and not individual retail quantities.

I also wonder if they are actually delivered frozen and thawed out before being put on display as the Garlo’s ones are at Coles. If so, selling them as fresh is a scam.

I wish to nominate Woollies for a Shonky.

Shame on you, Woollies.



I commend you @Fred123 in your diligence in pursuing these rascals. But it’s about a pack of pies. :laughing:


No. It is about deliberately setting out to decieve and rip-off their customers.