Wise Traveller

Hi, I am new to this, just joined.
Can anyone please tell me if they have used Wise Traveller Insurance and how did you find them if you had to claim.




Welcome to the Community @woody666,

Maybe someone will respond with experience with Wise Traveller, but google found this, that might answer some of your questions, presuming this is the company you referenced.


and their home page


noting it is a Singapore company, that could affect your rights and satisfaction when anything goes wrong. It is not that they are an SG company, it is the ability to access the ACCC and Australian Consumer Law protections when dealing with an off-shore company.


Thank You for the info PhilT.

Regards Woody666


WIse Traveller market themselves as a travel company that provides member discounts on hotels, flights, and car rental, as well as travel insurance. So consumer law (and associated difficulties with enforcing it overseas) applies to the ‘member’ part of the subscription.

Regarding travel insurance, this is regulated by ASIC. My vague understanding is that an overseas insurer requires at least a local agent to represent them. Wise Traveller’s travel insurance services are provided by Allianz (and underwritten by Tokio Marine).

So I think you would still have access to escalate a travel insurance dispute about Wise Traveller to the Australian Financial Complaints Authority via the travel insurance provider - Allianz. But their policy wording doesn’t specify this in the dispute procedures.