Wireless mesh network reviews

Weak wifi signals and black spots can be a real pain, but you can fix the issue with the right wireless mesh network (member content). We also have a wireless mesh buying guide, for those who would like to know more about the key features and how they work.

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Oh what a tangled web we weave / When first we practice to send and receive.



You must have picked up the Sir Walter Scott edition of the review :writing_hand:

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Well done that man (@BrendanMays)! Most people attribute that one to Shakespeare.


Are you going to publish this in CHOICE As a CHOICE subscriber for 40 years I get most irritated by this bait advertising in CHOICE Community

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As I am not a paid member of Choice I can’t see the results of the “member content only” but are you able to access it? If not perhaps you may need to contact Choice about the issue.

I am only guessing but I assume they will publish a selection of what is made available online as the size of the magazine would probably need to expand dramatically and be uneconomical to produce to include it all.

The benefit of providing it online to their members is that as a member you get a lot of ways to compare and evaluate your preferred choices rather than the very limited interactivity you would get with the fixed printed word of a magazine. I do realise some do not have the benefit of the internet to use as a tool in their decision making and the magazine may not address all their needs adequately. I don’t know how Choice could fix this for their members but I really don’t think this is bait advertising of members as I understand that the entire data is made available to members, and if not a member it gives the option of joining to avail one’s self of it.


Hi @g.simos, the review will be published in CHOICE Computer magazine.


Hi @g.simos, apologies for any frustration caused. As a longtime member and supporter of CHOICE, we value your feedback.

Hopefully Scott’s reply above helps resolve the issue, but in addition I wanted to let you know that we don’t intend to present as ‘bait advertising’ when posting links to our articles. While I know this doesn’t solve all the issues with online access, I make sure to label any restricted links as ‘member content’ for cases where forum member’s don’t have online access to save people clicking through. Any further comment is welcome.


I notice a new mesh network update.


Curious so many products could not be tested* yet they still ‘recommended’ those products.

* Choice staff could not access the lab to do so under COVID-19 restrictions, and will be tested once the lab reopens. ‘Until that time the overall score includes ease of use assessment only.’ I’ll not go there :frowning:

I look forward to the next update to include industry standard WiFi EasyMesh products.

It would be good for Choice in future updates to include EasyMesh as a selectable feature criteria.

Telstra has had their EasyMesh certified products, Telstra Smart Modem 2 and Telstra Smart Wi-Fi Booster - Gen 2, available for more than a year.

EasyMesh products just becoming available are D-link COVR1102 and Netgear Nighthawk Mesh WiFi 6 System