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Received a scratchie in the mail along with a catalogue. The accompanying letter says “Please take a moment to find the enclosed Scratchie and rub over ALL the panels with a silver coin. If you reveal 3 or more matching Lucky Numbers, I can confirm, you are eligible to claim ONE of the prizes revealed - all winners are guaranteed.” I have 4 matching lucky numbers, including one next to the $25,000 prize.

The letter also says “To claim your prize you must send us an order from the enclosed catalogue”. The catalogue contains some slightly overpriced - but not by too much - products with a 5 year warranty. The business has an ABN 83003579128.

Is this a scam or is it true that if I order say a $12 product from their catalogue, they will send me the product and a cheque for my $25,000 prize?


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Can you post a photo of the scratch card?

I suspect at best you might be entered in a draw for the money, but there’s an old saying that starts with: If it seems to good to be true…


Doubtful. If you read the small print with a magnifying glass, you might find that you are in with a chance, but of course nobody wins, really. I’m a skeptic.


Your details will no doubt be onsold, see here:





“You could win one of the prizes…” Not you WILL win

If you get anything from it, I suspect it would be the stone necklace, which is probably not worth much at all.

They did get something right for me though- that first line of text!


This is what their website says…

It looks like one has to order products online, add their code during the payment process to see what one has won. I bet the actual prize at the online checkout is disappointing compared to their indicated on the scratchie cards. Maybe the prize is free delivery?

And this is a perspective from another consumer…


My scratchie card from Windsor Mail is identical to the photo by RonPaul above. Even the lucky 4 numbers and 1 unlucky number are the same!!! What a waste of paper and trees.


What an unbelievable co-incidence.

A sceptic might call it a scam.

Hi FionaD, it’s great that you have shared this with all of the community. Welcome.

Obviously it is much simpler and cheaper to print all these scratchies with the same numbers.

One is left wondering whether the offer of a prize is contrary to any state lotteries legislation. It appears less than truthful, and highly deceptive.

Hopefully you find some of the other discussions useful, or would like to add your own comments and other experiences you might like to share.


I emailed them and received the following reply: “Every order placed is an entry into our competition. You will win one of the lower prizes offered and then go into the main draw to win the larger prizes. Once you have placed an order with Windsor Mail, the computer will generate ONE of the prizes on offer and then automatically put you in the Sweepstakes Draw”.


Just to let you know. My ‘winning’ scratchie is identical to RonPaul and FionaD. I’m not so special/lucky after all.


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Wonder whether this is a coincidence or a conspiracy.

I tend towards the conspiracy to try and get traffic to their website and for consumers to make purchases thinking that they are in for a windfall.

You would think that at least they would change the coupon number to make it look a little more authentic…but on the other hand, to have a rolling number printed onto coupon is a lot more expensive than running of 1000s of the same coupon with number.


Mines the exact same


Just in case there is any further doubt


I was under the impression that such promotions required a permit as one sees listed below ads and other items promoting them.

I did not see any such permits listed for

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Trade Promotions seem to have exceptions in each state, however NSW appears to be the more specific in it’s requirements.


Looks like we’re all winners! All with the exact same numbers as well! What are the odds!?
And another one


My experience with this type of company is that, yes, you will receive a prize as promised…but it will be one of very little value! I assume that there is a list of prizes so be prepared to receive one of those at the very bottom of the list. Also, if you check “” or “wish” or your local KMart you will likely find very similar items for sale but a great deal cheaper…