Wills and Funerals for the Single Person Without Family

There are a few related topics about funeral arrangements and costs and that industry, and myriad posts about wills and powers of attorney.

This article might interest a few readers. If one has assets and is single and without family a will can distribute them, but what about a funeral, cremation or other disposal of a body? It might not matter to some, and will matter to others. For the latter it is something to include in the wishes for the inevitable.


This relates to me (except for the kids and ex, I have neither) I’ve organised a Will, and have been looking into a “Bare” funeral, but I have not come to any conclusion about an Enduring Guardian, or Power of Attorney. It’s a royal pain. I have a huge problem with trusting people and although I have a very few friends… I just remain unsure. Hoping I don’t drop off the perch before I can make a good decision. Approaching EOL rather too quickly.


Sue, Your need to remember that if you loose the ability to manage your affairs and there is no enduring Power of Attorney then it’s likely to fall into the hands of the Public Trustee which is a disaster. They will charge commercial rates for anything they do and fairly quickly empty your bank account. They are bureaucrats who are not interested in you but just in following the rules, whether you like their decisions or not - they don’t care less.


Thanks, @pekay, I am aware which is why I am reaching panic stations. I’ve heard lots of horror stories from people who have been dealing with the Trustee. I have one friend who, with her husband, thought the PT was a good idea. I’ve advised them to seek an alternative asap. He is 80 though fairly healthy, you just never know.

I think I’ve made a decision though.


You really need both Power of Attorney, who can then manage financial aspects. Whereas the Enduring Guardian (EG) looks after your other decisions, eg, resuscitation or not. The EG can effectively also cover an ‘Advanced Health Directive’. Both need completion before say, altziemers, ie, they require you to be ‘compos mentis’ at time of creation.


I have used Bare Funerals. Highly recommended.

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It’s usually recommended to seek professional advice relevant to one’s own needs. The governing legislation is State/Territory based and varies somewhat, if not in principle in terminology, or sometimes both.

Eg QLD an EPoA can provide for appointing a person/s for managing both financial and life related matters. There are also Guardianship provisions in legislation but different in how they are determined and titled if looking to other states.

All these arrangements cease on passing, hence the importance of having a suitably prepared will and nominated trustee/executor. For better or worse the PublicTrustee is most often the default appointed where there is no one else to take that responsibility.

Note: I’ve linked public content relevant to Qld as it relates best to personal experience. How it is in the other parts of Australia, cross border discussions with the well spread family can require some translation.

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