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Why should the onus be on the customer to stop the automatic renewal of their annual membership

" I do not think it is right to place the onus on the customer to not renew their membership when it is due although I am suspicious of the reason why it is done that way. I think it is heavy handed and mercenary. Therefore I am exercising my right to free expression and making it official that I want my Premium subscription not to be renewed when it is due. Now we will have a proof of request and not about ringing an 1800… number. Confirm that this request has been attended to. Thank you "

The above message was sent by me to an " Investment/shares company … " when I was advised that my premium annual subscription was to be renewed in a few weeks time. Some of you will say that I should have read the “Terms of Agreement” and … As a consequence of this type of behaviour by this particular business, I no longer subscribe to any business that is either not PayPal payable ( much easier to cancel automatic renewals ) or does not gives me a choice to cancel through my subscription. Not good for their business while creating bad PR


I cannot imagine your desire to avoid pressure sales tactics to get you to renew when you ring them, or hearing about their best and more best offer historically made famous by ginsu knives (were they a thing from Australian folklore?) :laughing:

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A well worded and firm email from me did the job.