Why is Blink not reviewed in security camera options?

I’ve been let down by Arlo which I currently use and in checking out other security camera systems (in particular wi-fi to the cloud) Blink XT2 is rated top by some yet it is not reviewed at all by Choice. Appreciate comments.


Choice selects products to test from those that are of most interest to the general consumers as evidenced by sales, although reference or speciality products are sometimes included. Other times Choice is unable to source product in a timely manner for inclusion in their test cycles, and sometimes a product is being updated but not yet available so the older model is not included.

I re-categorised your topic to request-a-test for Choice future consideration.


Interesting to have a scan of the Blink XT vs Arlo’ review articles. {The “XT2” is the American version}.

Only by some.

There is inconsistency across the range of reviews. Overall it seemed to me that the Arlo was rated as a better system, but the Blink was a cheaper (in both cost and quality) unit with no ongoing costs … UNTIL … Blink introduced subscription cloud storage.


I do appreciate that and look forward to the results, so far from the online reviews, it appears the night images are not much chop!! to me they would be the most critical ones in terms of security.

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Thankyou, I appreciate your comments which confirm what I’ve found but I came to a screeching halt in going ahead with Blink when one review showed their night images and they are a serious let down.

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