Why don't home brand products show whether they use Australian owned suppliers?

I know they tell you where it’s made but I think that it also makes good sense to tell us if they have used an Australian owned supplier. I’d really like to know.


CHOICE has campaigned on this issue in the past. Sign up here for updates and to show support, if you haven’t already.


Not just the home brand products a lot of stuff sold in Australia doesnt really say where it comes from. Not very helpful to read its produced with local and imported products, the local might just be the water in the tin.

I would like to know if I am buying something the country the edible stuff comes from.


Try not to buy home brand products at all.

Try not to buy “products” when what you actually want is “food.”

Try to find a local substitute, and try and find pride in the fact that you can scratch make something that’s better than the “product” you’d otherwise be eating…,

There’s no other way - manufacturers try and take advantage of our “convenience” to slip in every kind of atrocity and adulteration, and the way to stop that isn’t legislation, but boycotting.

If you don’t buy it they can’t mislabel it, they can’t misrepresent or obfuscate the ingredients, and eventually, they MUST come to the party and voluntarily provide food products that are identifiable, good for us, non-toxic, tasty, and accountable.


go into things a bit deeper and Coles tells you on a PDF file, not the product, that some of their sugar comes from Brazil. when queried they said it was because of seasonal fluctuations. Any other sugar seller in Australia can use just Australian sugar so why not Coles own brands?

Just a guess, but maybe they cannot source it in Australia at the price they want to pay?

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That is truly amazing. We recently drove up to Far Nth Qld and travelled around up there. We could not believe the number of paddocks containing sugar cane - thousands of them running for hundreds and hundreds of kilometres. Just about every big town had a sugar processing plant. If that sugar isn’t available to be bought then where is it going? (or, as someone has suggested, isn’t Coles able to purchase it at the price they would like?)

Most and probably now all of the Nth Qld mills are now foreign owned and they produce the sugar for International Markets. Coles and others now have to buy from International sellers and this does mean that some sugar does come from overseas.