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Who is the greenest energy provider?


Our green electricity guide reveals the most environmentally friendly energy providers and shows how the big ratilers stack up against each other.

Do you factor in the environment when choosing your energy provider?


Energy retailers eh… what are they good for? All they do is add an extra layer of paper shufflers who do little other than send you a bill, adding more cost to the consumer!

Of some relevance regarding electricity retailers is this article:

I’m going to nominate electric off-gridders for the greenest energy providers, and yes, I am one of them :slight_smile:


A PhD won’t help unless it is in psychiatry … they recruit their bill makers from the loony bin …


Love your reply …so apt!


You list Powershop as being near the top.
Whilst I like getting through to a non Indian customer service person quickly Powershop has a few drawbacks, the main one being that they do not credit the feedback credit for the month into your account so ou have no idea of what the true bill is. Choice may want to ask why this is so. Certainly it has nothing to do with lack of information.
The other issue is that bills are very short of concise information, which you have to scour your account to find, and the bills are monthly. Really painful for time poor people.
Not sure if Powershop is playing the game with its customers and have been thinking of moving on.


Which state or territory are you in, @rambotrader ? I’m in NSW, and that hasn’t been my experience with Powershop’s statements.


We are in NSW in an Ausgrid area.


Why not? Not as though this is not available!
The issue with Powershop is it looks like a case of smoke and mirrors. Over-frequent billing so that customers just give up? Feed in tariffs lagging so that customers cannot easily check?
It may be conspiracy theory but surely a user friendly company would be up front in providing information so that customers can work out if they are with the right business or not. Monthly billing hides the real cost of electricity because the bill appears lower compared to a 3 monthly cycle, but even with a big solar system on the roof the bills are looking ‘high’.
Of course there is one easy solution for this and unless there is more transparency forthcoming I’ll be making that choice.
I notice you did not discuss any of the above Scott.


Same here. I only asked as I thought they might bill differently in other areas. I wasn’t trying to defend Powershop or debate the pros and cons of their offerings. I received our monthly account review email minutes before I read your post, so our feed-in data was fresh in my mind.


Fair enough. My unhappiness is with what looks a lot like trying to confuse customers so that they do not look at their bills. There is absolutely no reason where the feed in tariff rebate cannot be shown on the bill because it is, like electricity readings, fully electronic. As such if they can send you an electricity account they can include the solar component.


Powershop has been mentioned in a few other discussions in the Community. In order to obtain the greatest discounts on power, customers are expected to be hands-on with monitoring their energy consumption, solar generation if applicable, and paying for their mains electricity in advance.

A very large amount of your data is available when you log on to their website or use their smartphone app. Their monthly statements (delivered by email as a pdf format attachment) can be very lengthy, as they include a separate page with a tax invoice for each power pack that you have purchased, a page detailing your meter readings for consumption, another for your solar feed-in, and more.

I can see that there is a real potential for confusion, and I would suggest that Powershop are not for everyone. For example, they have quite complex rules that determine the order in which pre-paid power packs are used. Over time, I have found that I have sometimes waded back through many pages of data to see that there are some old packs still not fully used. Having said that, I have not yet found any errors.


Powershop…I’ve been with them for years and very happy.


Ditto…been with them for years and saving heaps. Very helpful. Real people answer the phone promptly and very pleasant. Never had a problem. Easy, convenient, reliable…I promise do not have any shares with them or work for them. Cheers!


You omitted funding media through their voluminous advertising, and providing yet a(nother) shonky industry to keep Choice staff ‘entertained’.


Green energy retailers?
It would be interesting, and perhaps enlightening to have an open daily review of the electricity flows (purchases) across the greater networks for each of the self labeled green retailers.

Large users have the ability to strike deals directly with generators or through wholesale supply rates tied to generation sources. Some like smelters are useful baseload users however they were all offered discounted deals to set up and operate. The rates they negotiate are preferential. Will the supply authority feed them expensive peak power in the evenings or off load the expensive peak power to consumers? When it comes to consumers is there any cheap power left?

It is factual that many smaller industries and business may see direct increases at peak times where they are on demand and power factor based tariffs. The real question is about transparency. There is very little.
Given the major portion of most consumer usage is peak load, mostly in the evening how great a percentage of this peak really comes directly from a green generating source?

That some enterprises span Government, generation, distribution and retail all with a common owner in two or more areas it would appear an impossible ask?


I love powershop! I like being able to buy power when I have the money, not when I get a huge bill every 3 months. I use the app to keep up with my usage and solar. I don’t have any problem finding the feed-in tarriff. They clearly label it and it’s usually on it’s own page.
Full disclosure… I do have shares in the parent company (Meridian energy in NZ) but didn’t realise that until after I had been with them for a while.