Which muscle and pain relief products should you buy?

Don’t waste money treating minor aches and pains, try these tips for cost effective pain relief:


The advice about laptop overuse is the best preventative advice in the column. So many IT people (and others) carry their whole career in a laptop from client to client and then back to the office.

It bears repeating: a laptop on a desk with an attached monitor is an OH&S disaster.

The monitor is too low so it strains your neck and shoulders while you look down and the keyboard is too high so it strains your wrists and shoulders as you raise your wrists up. Not to mention the keyboards are often too small and poorly laid out and you have some other pointer instead of a mouse and the monitor is too small to show three other people what you are on about.

If you are going to spend hours in front of a computer it must not be a laptop. And get a proper chair too. And don’t run with scissors.


For minor pains, I just use mint oils and massage the affected area. That way, I don’t have to intake any drugs at all. A good sleep could also help me relieve the pain.

Yes get a pc you will be a lot better off.Sales of Pc’s have taken off since the virus outselling laptops as people were spending more time at home.And Victorians unfortunately maybe heading down that road again…I normally would use Deep Heat or a heat pack or cold pack for anything i need to treat

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I cant take NSAIDS (instructed by GP not to have them, except aspirin sparingly) but I have discovered two gels which do help, Voltaren is pretty good for my hands and did a decent job on my knee recently when I was reduced to using a walking frame, and a product called Pedimol which is from Germany and is just a whole bunch of herbal stuff (and it smells good too) and I use that for my shoulders and hands.

Speaking of laptops, I tend to use my iPad on a table with a keyboard case (I’m typing on it now) and have given myself a decent case of “phone neck”. Ouch. The laptop gets less use now than ever, as does the Mac Mini. The solution, of course, is to get up walk about look in different direction and do some neck exercises.

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