Which green tea do you prefer?

There was only one coffee sample I liked out of the lot of the ones tested, but as I have no idea which one it is, I won’t be buying any of them anymore as I don’t want to go through loads of coffees I disliked. Green tea for me now.

Which green tea?

I have developed a liking for roasted green tea, in particular the flavour of the 7-Eleven branded tea bags.

Unfortunately it hasn’t done anything to improve my flexibility and sit kneeling with a straight back and my behind resting on my heals. Ouch!

That’s two things I admit to being incapable of the other drinking instant coffee.

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I didn’t know 7-eleven did green tea, but I don’t mind any of them. I’ve liked all that i’ve tried.

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Apologies, for the generalisation. I purchased mine in Japan where 7-eleven is really a mini super market that competes with three other chains and offers products at fair value. Unfortunately what we see here is anything but for 7-eleven! I need to check out our favourite local Asian supermarket for a similar product next time we visit the big smoke.

If Choice can ask what instant coffee rates across the community, there is an infinitely wider range of options for tea, including instant (eg macha) to promote as favourites?


Good suggestion @mark_m, I’ll pass it on :+1:

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