Where is the 100% Australian made bacon?

Handmade bacon? Carved directly from the poor pig?
Less than 10% Australian content… Please support Australian farmers!


It would be an interesting comparison to know if all or some bacon is
a) made by hand
b) hence hand crafted
c) gluten free

I especially like the gluten free quality, it sort of excuses the high salt, high fat content of the bacon so it can be consumed guilt free?

This is also an alarming example of our updated country of origin standard. You need to look twice or carefully to understand the source pork is imported.

There is no clear statement of “Made from Imported ingredients”! It’s only inferred.

Cunningly the third line reads “ Australian Ingredients”. Read the label and you get hit with two phrases that are Aussie positives? Look carefully,
In the middle line that for some may disappear due to some illusion and you might even see a number that says 100%, not 10%?

Ahhhhh!!! :scream:


Why is it so hard to buy 100% Australian bacon?
It can be purchased from select small goods stores or directly from small organic farms, but that isn’t always convenient.


Simply buy Australian made Bertocchi or Dorsogna bacon but just check the package labels or the deli display labels for the Australian content.

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As you say; see the post at the top of this thread!


I have moved you post to an earlier thread asking the same question.

From their web site:

Where is your pork sourced from?

Depending on the availability of local pork, D’Orsogna purchases meat from Australian Government approved countries limited to Western Europe, Canada and the USA. Domestic suppliers are located in Western Australia as well as interstate.


Interesting statement…I don’t think the Australian government approves the countries D’Orsogna pork comes from. It would however be that producers in those countries meet our strict biosecurity import requirements.

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I only buy the Australian product.

Dorsogna shaved ham off the bone in the deli display at Woollies with the sign stating the Australian content and Bertocchi hickory smoked bacon rashers from the fridge aisle at Coles.


No need for any imported products.

Is the hickory smoke grown locally?

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The search is over