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What's the best tasting instant coffee?

We reviewed 14 supermarket instant coffees, from brands including Nescafe, Moccona and Lavazza. Find out which products came out on top in our taste test.
P.s. Tell us what type of coffee you drink at home!


This was fun … Were all the taster comments listed somewhere? :rofl:


Another instance where price is not an indicator of quality!


Only Missing a score for the packaging?

My mum scored her instant coffee based on the size, quality and value of the reusable container once all the coffee had been disposed of (aka consumed).

Bushels and Max. House came in oversized glass jars with plastic screw top lids. Great for storing biscuits, rice and anything else in the pantry.

Having shared the instant coffee over morning tea and home made goodies, I’m even more convinced the motivation had less to do with the quality of the contents.

The stability longlife of the product once opened in a wide mouthed jar was amazing! Where is the food science?

Noted the Choice taste test probably only assessed freshly opened product and not a half used jar after 3 months on the kitchen table. Do all brands of instant preserve or last as well once opened?


The comments are great! I’m not sure that we’ve published them anywhere in full, but it could be doable in the future. Thanks for the suggestion.


We have always loved and enjoyed Nescafe Original…

Love my morning coffee! :wink:

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Havent used Nescafe anything since discovering Moccona Classic (Dark) and Indulgence. More recently Aldi’s Alcafe has surprised in both its “real” and decaf types. Most of the time, though, its Lavazza Qualite D’Oro for me, in the Dripolator. The Moccona jars are very useful for storage, airtight lids and they look good. Because I use a lot, I have a bazillion jars laying around. Friends and friends of friends line up for them. One fills the medium sized ones with sweeties at Christmas, for example. They are great for storing pasta, flour, etc. Love my Moccona Classic.

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How do you take your coffee? Leave a comment below, or invite a friend and see if you can guess their preference.


A4 looks about right for me.


a1,b2,c3,d4,e5 all look the same to me. I’m a two teaspoons of Moc 10 and dash of milk person, so a4,b4,b5 are around the colour depending on how much one splashes the bovine extract …


I like C2, C3 and D3, D4 - in fact I am going to make a brew now, my palate is whet!

Cheers Brendan :wink:


Agreed on the look of those… B1, C2, D3, E4 definitely the same colour.

I’m a one flat teaspoon of Moccona, OR a flat scoop of Lavazza in a mug-top dripper…
and cream (Dairy Farmers, cant get Norco cream around here). Strong coffee gives me palpitations which go all day long.


Only have instant coffee when someone offers me a cup.
Depending on how black they’ve made it, I add milk to make it look similar to B-2.

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AFAIC, “best tasting instant coffee” is an oxymoron :grinning::smiley::stuck_out_tongue:

I never drink instant. I am always trying to find the smallest possible jar, or preferable those that are packaged in silver foil as single serve, for the occasion when I come across a recipe that requires a spoon or two of instant coffee. Also have a couple of visitors that don’t seem to mind instant, so use it on them when they visit.
My problem is, 9/10 times I use it once, then next time I open the jar, it has dried into a solid mass

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I suppose E4. I just remembered… Years ago, when I was still employed, I did occasionally drink instant, when absolutely desperate. People used to watch incredulously. I’d put about 6 or more teaspoons of coffee in a cup, cream it with a bit of milk, fill the cup with milk (no water) and nuke it.

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That’s how I make cold coffee for my guests on a hot day: extra chilled milk in a tall glass and a few teaspoons of instant coffee. :sunglasses:

I feel sick at the mere thought of that.

I was looking forward to trying Cafe Aurora Medaglia D’oro, recommended in this year’s review of instant coffee - but unable to find it in Hobart. Only comes up on one Aus website, 2 oz for $50 which may even be US.
It’s cheaper on ebay, but sure Choice would not use items that are not commonly available, or are overpriced.

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