Whatever happened to the cricket on free to air TV?

Yesterday evening I felt bored, and for the first time in years turned on the TV. Okay, women’s final of the Sydney International - but the reason I turned it on was to catch the end of the first one day international between Australia and India.

I flicked through channel after channel - how long have we had so many channels?! Having finally made it through half-a-dozen channels broadcasting the same movie, and another half dozen broadcasting a different movie, and all sorts of other forgettable garbage (including a bunch of digital radio) I finally turned to the Internet.

It turns out that the one day series is not on free to air television. Further investigation found I could pay Rupert for the right to watch it (and that’s not happening). Then I found a (somewhat) useful article about the anti-siphoning laws - on the same website that told me I could no longer get my FTA ODIs.

So either:

  • no free-to-air station wants the rights to broadcast the one day cricket; or
  • Cricket Australia asking too much for those rights; or
  • free-to-air television is happy to operate in a cartel-like manner, in order that most Australians cannot watch their national men’s cricket team play a home match against another national men’s cricket team.

Am I late to this story? I am disgusted that with so many stations broadcasting so much repetitive junk I cannot simply sit back and watch the cricket.

Do the anti-siphoning laws need to be revisited? I know that back when pay TV started in Australia the government assumed we would take to it as much as the US has - but that is definitely not the case, and I am deeply disappointed that a major national sport like this can be siphoned by a pay TV network.

Do any Choice Community participants know more about how this occurred, and perhaps why?


and still nothing decent to watch.


What happened to the cricket on free to air TV?

I don’t know, what did happen to the cricket on FTA TV?

ANSWER here: …

While you are thinking about the answer to that one.l

What happened to the all successful Australian Cricket team?

The best guess at present is that they are all headed for a permanent afterlife on digital streaming over the NBN. That includes FTA which will morph to FTS (free to stream on the not so free NBN). I’ve made my observations on the likely demise of all FTA services and a media future that splits the nation between those with good internet and those with no or useless internet (without quality streaming access) previously. Enough said!

Will “The Cricket” as we knew it and the ABC soon both be ghosts of TV past?

in the Public Interest, in the National interest, Business Interest. (two of the three may have done a deal and left one out)


Well, I’d start with behavioural problems and a ‘win at all costs’ mentality leading to what is no longer behaviour anyone could or should look to for a role model - but that merely side-steps the siphoning issue.

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