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What to do with a faulty product - Consumer rights and advice

Here’s some general advice in case you end up with a faulty product.

Have you ever had trouble with faulty products? Tell us your experience below.


Today my grandmother purchased one of these trollies from Red Dot. After doing her shopping and getting it home she set it on the stand to open her door. The whole stand mechanism broke, tipped the trolley over and pushed her down the stairs with it. We’re lucky she only got a scrape or two.

She didn’t take a receipt for it but we’re working on getting a debit card statement. In the mean time, is there anywhere I can report this issue? This is a serious flaw which could have had horrible consequences. I’ve already contacted Red Dot and am waiting for a response.

Edit: It’s also resulted in her glasses being scratched beyond repair, but it may be difficult to recoup those costs without an itemised receipt

Edit: Here is the response from Red Dot:

Hi [name], thank you for getting into contact with us in regards to this matter. We apologise for the incident with the Shopping Jeep and we are glad your grandmother wasn’t injured. Since this is a faulty product you will not need proof of purchase and we are happy for you to return it to your nearest Red Dot store for a refund or exchange. We have not had any other incidents with the Shopping Jeeps breaking like yours so it might have been just the 1 unit that was faulty. We will certainly pass it on to the buying department as well as the supplier to look into this and investigate further.



To break/fail on the same day it was bought (assuming it was used as recommended) does indicate some sort of manufacturing fault/quality issue.