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What large washing machines and dryers are good to buy?

Hi all

Choice normally reviews normal size washers and dryers. I want a big one i.e. 13kg> …

I also want to stack a dryer on top of the washing machine, if possible.

I guess I want to know
a) if you all have any views on what the better big machines are; and
b) if there are any issues stacking different brands one on top of the other or if you really do need to find a good pairing!




See the following advice articles:

The following product reviews may also be helpful, use the capacity sliders to select the size you desire:

Finally as to stacking we have our Dryer sitting atop our Front loader washing machine. Both happily co-exist even though the washer is LG and the dryer is Simpson. If you are planning on doing so perhaps putting a silicone/rubber type mat between them to reduce vibration noise but we don’t and have no issues.


The washing machine reviews on our site allow filtering by capacity, so you can easily identify which of the larger ones we’ve reviewed perform the best. And yes, we try and test the most popular appliances, which means more focus on the typical capacity washing machines, these days around 8kg is average, but we have looked at several larger machines over the years so we should have plenty of results that will be of interest to you.
Regarding stacking, it will most likely be easier to stack the same brand washer and dryer as many manufacturers make stacking kits to keep everything secured, but that’s not to say that you have to. As an earlier commenter suggested, using a rubber stacking mat (available from appliance retailers, or you can make your own) will help reduce vibrations and improve grip, so your dryer’s less likely to move about and fall off.
If you are stacking, you’ll need to have the dryer on top of the washing machine, not the other way around - washing machines are more prone to vibration and movement than dryers, so putting the washer on top is a risky proposition.
If you’ve got a vented dryer you could also consider wall mounting it, which will be a safer option again.


This is really very helpful! Thank you!