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What is the worst car make? Lack of Reliability and/or support

This one would have to be a contender.

Broke down within 20 minutes of leaving the dealer resulting in it getting smashed by another vehicle.

Maybe, or maybe not.

Anecdotally the more expensive a motor vehicle the less it gets used and the higher the cost of ongoing maintenance and ownership per kilometer. Reliability might seem a secondary consideration, relative to achieving the real purpose of the vehicle. Lamborghini has in essence been more about an exaggerated flamboyant and self indulgent styling. Performance and reliability has always been a bit hit and miss. The current owners the Volks Waggon group may have brought some improvement to the latter.

Should the owner of the vehicle in the reported incident feel hard done by. Compared to the average high performance championship touring car or F1 car, the Lambo driver has successfully exited the pit lane, started the contest, and like many others now has a first outing DNF. I suspect that given the option of purchasing the next vehicle it’s just as likely to be another Lambo. Similar in some ways to the reasoning once a Jeep owner, always a Jeep owner. It would seem unlikely the two groups (Lambo owners and Jeep owners) might have so much in common.

The Lamborghini LM002 makes an interesting case study of just how much alike the two brands could have been. Available in 5.2l or optional 7.2l petrol engine models. Both V12 of course, which is perhaps one reason why a Lambo owner would not buy the V8 and lesser Jeeps or vice versa for Jeep owners. Although some Jeep owners may have appreciated the kevlar tyres and armour plating options. Lamborghini saw the light after using a Chrysler V8 in the first prototype Lambo ‘Cheetah’ which preceded development of the LM002.

Tongue firmly in cheek for those not so familiar with or interested in Jeeps or Lambos.

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Reliability and quality. This NBC News article based on a J. D. Power survey in the US. And we thought Jeep (another US manufacturer) scrapped the bottom of the barrel…

While some brands available in the US come from different countries/factories than the equivalent Australian models. Telsas (and Jeeps) available in Australia come from the same factories as the US cars included in the survey. One could then deduce reliability statistics for Tesla in Australia would be similar.


Yes, but at least Dodge-Jeep don’t go so low as to:

“Unlike other manufacturers, Tesla doesn’t grant us permission to survey its owners in 15 states where it is required,” said Doug Betts, president of the automotive division at J.D. Power.

Amazing but not surprising given how Musk has built his empire. More amazing that such a law exists, although it’s not Australia.

Apologies to all Tesla owners, ‘you bought a what?’.

Jeep owners will be smiling all the way to the bowser. Good for their self esteem, but not so great for the environment. The greatest risk for Tesla may be Jeep making a better battery EV backed by Dodge’s improved performance in the survey.


They might be able to say that they bought a car better than a Tesla…or maybe Jeep is holding out for Tesla’s position?

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Jeep is doing Ok by this result. A lower score is better.

Of course this is just one of many different measures, although new car satisfaction might be very important for word of mouth recommendations.

Using US results may be indicative, but our conditions vary. We have more common unsealed roads and more seal roads with comparatively rough paving materials, causing different vibrations.

One might expect every manufacturer to ‘tune’ to our roads, but some might not and others are going to be more successful than others.

Then there is the support and parts networks in the respective country. Using JD Power as the best possible case for our market seems to make sense. I do not remember reading about any vehicle (or anything?) with better reliability and service in Australia as compared to the ‘home country’.

It was not so long ago that ‘not breaking’ was the litmus test for ‘good’. As with commercial aircraft, the big problem?* Infotainment systems. How far we have come.

* as claimed by my mate, a Qantas Engineer (LAME)

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Whilst watching SBS TV yesterday, I saw that Jeep have resurrected the “We’re gonna need a bigger boat” ad tagged with the 17,000 spare parts propaganda.

I would have thought that Jeep would not want to replay their old ads and refresh people’s memories with all the negative publicity from the past decade.

He bought a Jeep?

Explains the thinking that got the vehicle bogged. Not the vehicles fault. The choice of tyres is clearly inappropriate. Certainly a lucky Jeep owner.

Should Jeep offer a sat phone and EPERB kits for all owners?


I don’t know what you call it in cars but in software development it’s called PEBKAC.


Just a lucky motorist with one of a plethora vehicles that are technically four wheel drive but designed as city tractors - road tyres, little clearance, inexperienced and ill-equipped driver - any one of dozens of city tractor varieties would be stuck there … this has nothing to do with reliability or brand :wink:


An article regarding Jeep attempting to make a comeback in Australia.

I don’t fancy their chances, especially after their treatment of Ashton Wood.

Tell’ em they’re dreamin’…


When you buy a car, the Dealer Service can make or Break your experience, My Wife and I have had 4 FCA cars ,loved them all, Chryler PT Cruiser, Dodge Nitro CRD,Jeep Compass LTD and Now a Jeep Cherokee CRD LTD. My Cherokee had a leaking Water Pump seal just outside warranty, Our local Dealer got it fixed free of charge as a Goodwill Gesture. The crash test of the Wrangler is a BIG concern for highway drivers but don’t forget that the only Dual Cab 4wd to fail the quick lane changing between witches hats was the Toyota Hilux, a much loved 4wd.


After I just posted the latest 2 Mercedes recalls in this forum, I searched Product Safety Australia’s website and counted some 43 recalls for Mercedes in the past 12 months.

Of course these are only for recalls where there is a risk of injury or death involved so it is anybody’s guess just how many other faults and failures there have been with Mercedes vehicles.

They are certainly an excellent contender to challenge Jeep for the title of the worst make of car, especially as Jeep has had a mere 3 recalls in the past 12 months apart from Takata airbags.

Mercedes to release a $5 million super car.

Better pre-book the recalls.

For the Aussie car buyers, all 8 pre-booked sales.
Are they all fair dinkum or are several speculating that scarcity will see an instant windfall when they onsell their spot in the queue?

As for Australian luxury car tax, Car Advice boasts that it will be $AU1.1M per vehicle, then adds that as the cars a LHD they will not be able to be road registered. This would seem to make them a track day racing vehicle. There is an ATO exemption for vehicles that can only be used on race tracks or for rally driving and that cannot be road registered.

As the Mercedes super car is also based on an F1 engine design it might be unusual if the vehicle did not require regular pit stops for tyres and fuel every 30-60 minutes. Ideally completing any driving session of two hours or more without a failure would also rate as a success. Vehicle rebuilds or strip downs between outings optional.

Not in the same class as a Jeep, especially if you consider yourself of average appearance. Sitting in the drivers seat of which vehicle is likely to gain you more attention, the Mercedes or any Jeep? It may not be obvious, but keeping company with Jeep owners may be the wiser of the two when it comes to what to select at the local wine bar. Life has so many choices, most of which come from Toyota around here.

One might wonder if Jeep is just less inclined to recall or MB more eager to rectify their problems prior to being forced or highlighted on tellie or youtube.

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Mercedes joins VW with multi billion payouts for emissions cheating.


… depends on the state/territory - and people of wealth have ways around things …

Car company opinions seem like religion and politics - most just ignore it but some get mightily wound up about it :wink:

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