What is the best tasting muesli

Many roll their own, but for most of us it is or starts with a store bought packet.

Here is one person’s review of what is on offer, agree or disagree.


We make our own as bought muesli has a homogenous flavour (everything more or less has taken on the taste of other ingredients as the contents have been sitting in the sealed bag for some time) and the rolled oats and other flakes don’t taste of or have a texture of being overly fresh.

Making your own we can add different things to change the taste and also texture.


We too make our own. Ours is much cheaper than the manufactured stuff, and made to our taste with fruit, nuts, and sometimes yoghurt; and importantly without added sugar.


I prefer mine cooked. IE Rolled Oats - porridge with fresh fruit in season or preserved when all else fails.

Store bought prepared product has rarely proved interesting enough to justify the up to $30 per kg fillet steak pricing.

One of the family makes great home made muesli, which encourages overnight stays.


My home made muesli is sometimes referred to as more of a desert. Anyway, lightly roasted oats and barely flakes. Lightly roasted mixed nuts - depends on what is to hand - and always chopped Aldi’s orange chocolate (70%) for a bit of sweetness (add to taste). Topped with oak bran on the day, and softened with no sugar added almond milk. Chocolate is the food of the gods; how could you go wrong?


I made it the other week. Miscalculated and made twice the amount I planned.

I purchased all ingredients separately and toasted them. Made apple sauce and mixed it in.

Make it one time, never get store bought again.


After Rolled Oats . . .
My Dr recommended Farmer Jo which is fouund in the “Health Foods”
aisle at Coles only
Several varities available


Lowan Swiss Mix muesli is the only one my son and I will buy. He likes it because there are no apricots or coconut; I like it as it is not toasted. I did try making my own when I was unable to source it during COVID restrictions, although not successful it was edible. Supply came back on line - with new packaging. Cannot get it at Woolworths anymore so I buy from my local IGA Ritchies store. Woollies loss.


I get bored with all packaged muesli. I prefer to start with oats or oatmeal, and add whatever comes to hand.
Rice puffs, or any sort of puffs, in any product, is a guarantee that i will never buy it.


I’m not sure if you class it as Muesli but I love Farmers Co
'Australian Bush Foods Breakfast", used to be by Dick Smith. I have this on Vitabrix or Weetbix
so plenty of fibre etc.


Dont know of it - so many cereals available now. I can only remember rice bubbles, corn flakes, oats or frootloops available, then we made our own muesli for afew years. I made bread every day for another space of years. Then moved on to yoghurt and fruit. Long periods in Indonesia has since added variety. Now living alone, i eat whatever comes to hand.