😍 What do you LOVE about sales season

In a very unscientific Twitter poll, over 75% of people indicated they would not be shopping in the sales, and some on to tell us why. If you hate the sales season, you can stop reading and over to this thread for a vent.

Now that that’s sorted, we can talk about all the things we love about a good store sale. Obviously, if you’ve had your eyes on a particular item and serendipitously it happens to go on sale, it’s a pretty good to get a bargain. It almost feels as if you are saving money even though you are spending it.

Recently, I visited some local markets to do some Christmas shopping. There’s something nice about supporting local businesses, and if you go at the right time, it can be fun to enjoy the stalls, the food, maybe even catch a street performance. It’s a bit like going to an old-school carnivals, but instead of side show alley rip offs, you find stalls with unique jewellery or a bonsai tree that you didn’t realise you needed.

The big stores can have some deals on things you can’t get anywhere else (just avoid these items). The Christmas vibes are on hand, and it’s a time of year to look forward to reflection and hopefully spending time and showing appreciation to the people you care about.

There’s more I could share, but now I want to hand it over to the CHOICE Community.

  • What do you love about the sales?

  • What’s the best bargain you’ve ever purchased, or the best gift you have ever received?

If you have a funny shopping or Christmas anecdote, now is not the time to hold it back - leave a comment below!


Too far away for in-person bricks & mortar sales. Ignore the usual pestering of Mosaic Brands on SMS & e-mail. Then a couple of weeks ago Booktopia offered 10% off my order. Now I build up a Wish-List of titles I want until I decide to order, so assumed, as I had not responded to “free shipping” that they were aiming at Wish Listers to get stock moving before Christmas.

As I usually order reference books that are expensive, and not popular cheaper titles, that 10% did amount to quite a saving. I am very pleased with my purchase.


Empty category, nothing to report.

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I had a good experience yesterday with sales season.

Needed a new HDD recorder for TV and found one with streaming support and the usual twin HD tuners I needed.

Checked out the retailer website and it had what I needed for $150 off normal price. Went in the next day, and to my surprise the price was back to normal plus a bit more.

But it’s on sale, I protested politely. No, the sale price ended at midnight they said.

But, but, I checked the price at like just before midnight, and nothing there about limited time.

The supervisor checked a few things, and said the price for me was to be the sale price, plus an extra discount. Very happy with that.

Who was the retailer?
:+1: JbHiFi


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