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What do you do with the sliced bread ends?


I sometimes make a bread and butter pudding with them.


Just waiting on them to be reprocessed!

The toaster seems a little slow this morning? :wink:


I use them as burgers, I find breadrolls too doughy, bread ends are perfect as they are thin, yet hold the burger together without ripping my mouth open :wink:


Bread and butter pudding. We save sourdough, rye , spelt etc crust ends over a month or two and tastes fine.


I love crusts,put them in the toaster.Put some Vegemite on


Hmmmmmmmmmmm fungus.


Just use them to brew beer as per the outstanding documentary on SBS tonight titled “Wasted! The Story Of Food Waste”.

It was the best program I have seen regarding the problems of food waste and what some persons are doing to combat it.

For anyone interested, it is well on worth catching up with it on SBS On Demnd".


Toast and vegemite, or toast then cheese and tomato under the griller.


Break them into pieces and throw them out on the back lawn for birds, possums, or any other creature to eat. They always disappear fast! :wink:


Any other would be rodents. Our environment, city and country, is filled with them. Liking rats is not a serious character flaw, just don’t tell your neighbours. You do know that every Council gives advice on how to control rats and mice don’t you?

This reminds me of the time an acquaintance had a problem with chook food vanishing in large quantities from the feeder, far more than her few chooks could eat. She was convinced that it was the black snake living under her chook house that ate it. Coulda been, the snake sure was fat.


I do too with jam, sultanas or occasionally honey