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What brand/type of coffee do you buy and prefer?



:laughing: Alright, thanks for the tip


I must admit it has a different smell to it than what I would term Espresso and my Father in Law who now drinks it says that it is strong and he is now used to the taste. As we don’t drink coffee I can only go by smell and his take on the taste.

It is definitely the Green Label one as we had to purchase it for the FiL and I made him a cup…sort of a non “coffee” smell to it and doesn’t have that acid to the nose aroma with that dark bean smell, it is something different.


Instead of buying a motorbike for my mid life crisis, I bought an amazing coffee machine…and with all its shiny stainless steel and moving parts, it could easily have been a motor bike in a previous life. I enjoy the process of making coffee at home…the challenge of getting that perfect extraction!

So…it’s whole coffee beans for me, which are ground at home. I like to source local roasters and buy them direct, that way I know how fresh they are. I have a few local go-to places but I’m quite open to trying specialty “bean of the month” flavours when available from different roasters. Sometimes this is online or instore, eg Merlos…they offer free coffee when you buy beans from them, so it’s a win-win.
I don’t buy coffee out very often and even make my own to have as iced coffee at work.


Great to hear @Suzique You will become quite the coffee aficionado . It’s great when you buy a product that challenges you to get the most out of it . When you do it is oh so satisfying .


I have been drinking Moccona Indulgence ever since it was released. Before that, I used to mainly drink Nescafe Gold.

I only drink 1 cup a day, at breakfast, so I want it to be good. I make it on milk and add 2 teaspoons of coffee and 3 teaspoons of demerara sugar.

Our son has some expensive Philips machine and he buys fancy WA roasted coffee beans. Whilst he rubbishes instant coffee, I don’t like his coffee any more than mine., and mine is ready in under 2 minutes.


When it comes to coffee, we either drink Nespresso capsules at home or we drink barista made when we’re out. When it comes to tea we drink Dilmah premium loose leaf tea, made in a pot. Tea is never good when drunk outside the home so we stick to coffee when out and about!


@Fred123 and @ppbandep Thanks for the input .


Hi Fred123 –

If your son is into 'fancy WA roasted coffee beans, I certainly recommend Antz In Your Pantz in East Victoria Park. Several varieties (I prefer less acidity, more chocolate and spice flavour), many of which are sourced direct from the growers and roasted on site.


Our local bakery also does great coffee. With a loyalty card every tenth coffee is free. That tenth one always tastes great too! :blush:


Husband has decided Bushell’s Classic is the best of the cheaper instants. Unfortunately I have not been able to find a larger tin than 100g and it does not seem widely available (we don’t go to Woolies, Coles, Aldi). So we have changed from International Rust (Roast), to Blend 43, to Classic. Not sure if this is an upward or downward trend in taste. I stick to tea.


Thanks for the input @mark_m and @zackarii . It is interesting to see trends developing in what consumers buy and use . All forum members feel free to add what family and friends buy and prefer .


An article regarding drinking coffee helps to prevent developing rosacea.


Interesting reading Peter . Enjoyed the video too.


Yes, interesting. I know people who have spent a small fortune on preventatives and products to calm rosacea down.

On a broader note, we see this kind of thing all the time - stuff that affects something. It would be interesting to see a big chart of it all, broken down by group with links to what it affects in the body. Had a quick search and couldn’t see. I also wonder about the tendency for correlation to imply causation, but of course they are professionals :slight_smile:


An article regarding why some people may choose either coffee of tea.

I only drink coffee and I love brussels sprouts.

I drank my first cup of coffee when I was nine which my mother made using heated milk and Bushell’s Coffee & Chicory essence, and I never drank tea again.

I tried to drink tea on two occasions when I was a teenager and I almost vomited after the first mouthful.



Now this is a worry.


I have just signed up for the Nespresso Vertuo system. It is a bit like buying a printer. The machine with a dozen samples cost $1.00 with free delivery, BUT you have to sign up for one year of $50 per month for the consumables. The pods come in 5 sizes from 40ml to 414 ml. At the end of the year you can cancel the $50 per month charge and purchase as needed. There is no milk frother on the machine. You just add a small amount of cold milk to the bottom of the cup and the machine adds the coffee on top. It must be hotter than normal as white coffee is the right temperature. For people who like lots of milk I assume you would need a frother of some sort. Still we are happy with it and find that we get through the $50 per month = 50 capsules… Still working our way thru all the varieties and strengths of coffee. Monthly deliveries are free for the year. After the year is over if you buy $100 of capsules delivery is free.

I think this is a very expensive way of buying coffee but this machine does not take any capsules except the Nespresso Vertuo ones. I think Nespresso has tied it down so you are forced to use their consumables. I don’t think CHOICE has reviewed this Vertuo system machine but we find it very convenient having the range of sizes and flavours to suit different tastes, and it is much faster than grinding beans, tamping and frothing milk on our manual machine.


My wife and I both drink Robert Timms instant, as it’s the cheapest non-store brand and tastes fine. She also drinks an Espresso from time to time, with Chicco D’oro.

I drink Coles Decaf, as my taste buds are not as good as hers - but she has the good humour to put it into a Moccona jar for the placebo effect.


This is the same trick used by printer manufacturers and razor blade cartridge makers. Sell the base product for free, and the consumables for a fortune.

At least some coffee machines will take other - ‘compatible’ capsules, but this probably depends largely upon how popular the machine is. I seem to recall the ACCC - or perhaps some overseas equivalent - taking one of the machine makers to court for trying to stop the use of substitute capsules. This has certainly happened with printer manufacturers trying to use chips in their ink cartridges to prove they’re ‘genuine’ and ‘new’.