What brand of mattress is most reliable?

We’ve surveyed consumers on their experiences with mattresses, including how the product has performed, whether any problems have occurred and the service offered in the event of an issue among other things. We then use this data to create a reliability and satisfaction rating for top mattress brands.

Find out which mattress is most reliable (member content), and please add your mattress experiences below.


We have bought Sealy Posturepedic Ensembles for decades and we have always got more than a decade of use out of every one of them.

However, they are not listed in either the Choice mattress reliability survey or the Choice mattress review.

Why is this?


For the reliability survey, this is included at a brand level under Sealy. The mattress review also includes some individual models from the Sealy Posturpedic range. It’s member content, so readers will need to be logged in.

Glad your Sealy has served you well.


Thanks Brendan. I missed seeing Sealy in the reliability survey results.

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We go straight to the manufacturer Rockdale Mattress factory and get good value, excellent advice and the best Australian made products. This way we can be sure we know exactly what we are buying and have the greatest choice of mattress types. We have been buying from them for over 20 years. Their mattresses are very well constructed and reliable and service is excellent.

Tempur mattress, most reliable?? in that it is always expensive, hard and lumpy in winter and customer service when dissatisfied is non existent. Worst purchase ever, have pit up with it for 4 years now trying to wade through the mire of reviews to find a decent mattress :frowning:

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I suggest you search the Community for ‘mattress’ as there are a number of topics, the most germane being ‘Mattress Reviews’ that has links in various posts to Choice pages as well as a few recommendations.