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What Are These Poles For?




“Something evil this way cometh”


Parachutists beware …


Indeed that may be the case …


Perhaps they are planning to get rid of the timber electrical poles and are planning to put underground electricity ?


Tap-and-Go stations for charging pedestrians for the pleasure of walking in the Sunshine State. If you miss 3 posts a laser-ray zaps you into a parallel universe.


I rang the number and got an automatic traffic update.
Obviously used as a traffic monitoring system.


What a brilliant solution!

Or is it just a cunning plan to throw us off their real purpose?


I was enjoying being silly and you have to go and spoil it.

To be slightly reasonable, why have a pole with a little blue dome on top? The pole is to give the little camera inside the dome a clear view of the traffic and to keep it out of harm’s way. I think Fred was pulling legs when he said it was an antenna. Some traffic lights have antennae, they are on top of the same stanchion.

 Based on international experience, the most LIKELY would be traffic management OR speeding management.  Logical questions to the post are:- Is there widespread use of ‘toll tags’ in your area?  If so, its a ‘no brainer’ that by reading your tag, your vehicle can be easilly located for any reason, any ‘authorised agency’. Including ‘traffic, moving violation’ purposes.
Overseas, cameras are used, by tracking a number plate, to identify the time taken by a vehicle to travel between selected cameras, this enables BIG BROTHER to calculate speed and improve the ability to ‘milk the favorite cash cow... the poor motorist.   OR for identifing a vehicle which is ‘of interest’ to authorities. Sadly neither of these alternatives benefit the consumet.
 I feel obligated to propose a BENEFIT to ‘Josaphene or Joe Public’.  Gotta admit I’m challenged to come up with a benefit!  BUT, its possible that cameras are mounted on top of the poles to improve public safety..
 Final comment is aimed at your LOCAL GOVERNMENT and/or your MLA, MP or LOCAL NEWS MEDIUM.  Any change to our environment can trigger any or all of the humour-rumours already posted.  Its my belief that it is the DUTY of THEM, to tell US what they are doing to avoid the rumour mill shouting all kinds of misinformation.  Phred, give your local Council a bell and I’m sure the magic ‘somedody’ should know whats going on. If NOT, escallate via the democratic process.
 BEST OF LUCK!  I’m sure all us consumers will be delighted to get your reply telling us that THEY aren’t spying on us. My gut tells me THEY have found yet another process to extract out hard won dollar.  Dr. Geoff..

They first began appearing beside major roads in built-up areas but have prolificated and are now also beside highways in rural areas.

My best guess is that they are to do with live traffic updates but whenever I have seen TMR staff working on them or nearby traffic lights, it has never been practical to stop to ask them.

The phone number on the attached signs which have not been vandalised is 131940, which is the TMR contact number.



If this is a “traffic management” device, where is the mount for the future ray gun upgrade to vapourise vehicles blocking the intersection?

It seems we’ve lost something as no longer do uni students etc work part time with wooden clipboards from folding aluminium chairs to record traffic from the roadside!

It’s understandable that we live in a world of live data, however our ability to do anything meaningful with it is little changed in pace from when Menzies was in Canberra.