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What Are These Poles For?


I have attached a photo of one of the strange poles that are installed beside major roads and highways around Cairns to see if anyone knows what they are.

They first began appearing beside major roads in built-up areas but have prolificated and are now also beside highways in rural areas.

My best guess is that they are to do with live traffic updates but whenever I have seen TMR staff working on them or nearby traffic lights, it has never been practical to stop to ask them.

The phone number on the attached signs which have not been vandalised is 131940, which is the TMR contact number.



Guides for UFOs to land and collect unobtainium.


Day of the Triffids?


There’s a Tardis blue coloured light on top.


That suggests perhaps they’ll be used for traffic warnings or some such. No sign of a camera, so they don’t look like speed traps. Cyclone warnings?

I did an image search, and it told me this must be related to rugby union - confusing the poles for the goalposts :roll_eyes:. AI is not yet perfect… fortunately.


Perhaps a phone call would provide the authoritative answer?


I think they are part of the AFL’s push into Queensland to overtake the NRL . Anybody can see that they are AFL goal posts .:grinning:


Some creative answers here :grin:


“Mind control” … thankfully it only works in Queensland :wink:


“Thankfully it only works in Queensland” … and only on visitors.

Back to that UFO theory.

P.s. there is one at the intersection of Ashgrove Ave and Waterworks Rd in Brisbane, except this one is suspended upside down beconning towards subterranean unknowns. It has been there for a long time with no obvious signs of ET life. Might just be some mundane device for keeping an eye on traffic.


That is just a CCTV camera monitored by TMR or the local Council. They are everywhere here as well as the larger remote-controlled pan and tilt CCTV cameras.

The thing I posted the photo in not a camera or a light. I suspect the blue plastic part on the top is just a weatherproof cover for an antenna.

Next time I see some TMR staff near one, I will make an effort to ask them about these poles.


Some kind of monitoring?

I haven’t watched all these vid’s but maybe?

Or jump on their FB page and either post or chat to them, with a photo?

Or try their online enquiry:
… though you cant submit attachments/pictures there, you could describe the pole or offer to email a picture if they can provide an address to send it …


Creativity abounds, but does not deliver an answer. It amuses – how hard could it be to ring that phone number and ask? I would be tempted to do it myself, but @Fred123 is the only one who knows exactly where they are, and can describe them in more detail than we see on his photo. @draughtrider’s suggestion is right up there, too :slight_smile:


According to Google image search, it’s a tree.


… a tree that is visually similar to … skyscrapers?


I cut the pole from the photo for google, and it was a monument :laughing:



It’s not covered in here either:


@Fred123 were you getting a good deal at the bottle-o when you noticed it? :wink: how many are there around town?

Edit: I just re-read this and would like to clarify I’m not suggesting anything untoward other than I reckon it might have been immediately adjacent to the BWS on the corner of Bruce Highway and Sandown Close …


Another one at the next intersection … are they breeding?


and another a little further up:

and another

and another

I’d leave town while you can !!!


Breeding? Surely the one child policy applies to surveillance cameras too.


Surely not, if they are state of the art?
China as of 01 Jan 2016 relaxed the policy to permit two.

Perhaps they are of the Howard era?
One of each and one extra for Australia?