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What are the Best Car Makes, Drivability, Reliability, Safety and Support

An article regarding the most reliable vehicle makes.

And not a Jeep or other FCA vehicle to be seen.

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Hi Fred . I think the fact that Suzuki owners recommend to their friends to by a Suzuki more than any other make out there says a lot . The new Jimny is a great vehicle . I have owned 7 Suzukis , all purchased new , and have had no problems at all with mechanical issues etc .

I think I’m a Suzuki " fanboy " . Used to have one of their motor cycles back in the day . One thing that is odd is that Suzukis are no longer sold in the USA . My American friends hop over the border into Canada or sometimes Mexico to by them .


I like my little Suzuki, its not 4WD, looks a bit like a roller skate, but its been good to me, even though its a gutless wonder (2002 Ignis). I’ve needed to have a couple of sensors replaced… the ones that make your car stop working in the middle of traffic, if they are dying. I get it serviced at the NRMA who tell me every year I need this or that to be done, but oddly the following year, its all a different set of things needing to be done, so I mostly ignore those. Its still going well, after all that time, and has cost me nearly nothing to keep it on the road.


While not directly about reliability, safety is often a consideration when purchasing a car by many. These are the safest cars from IIHS testing…

It is worth noting that Japanese and Korean car companies dominate the list.