What am I missing?

Hi, just signed up to a quarterly online subscription and was looking forward to reviews and product comparisons. Home alarms - nothing! … Double glazed windows- nothing! … Soundproofing - nothing!
… bulkhead aircondtioners - 2 products (same company) ! …

What am I doing wrong?


Welcome to the Community @princeplanet

The products Choice tests are selected by market analysis of what consumers are buying, thus if they are buying multiple models of one company’s A/C those models might be included, but fewer consumer may buy soundproofing materials. As a non-profit budgets are finite as is Choice’s lab equipment and sometimes consumer ‘views’ are subjective rather than objective defying meaningful comparative tests.

Rather than try to respond as a ‘second party’ and perhaps confuse the issue or create furphies, I’ll tag Choice Staff @BrendanMays and @jhook who can better respond to provide you an insight into Choice.


There are many reviews while a bit older (not in the current newsletter) that cover many of these areas. They are found online at https://www.choice.com.au/ then select product reviews (I have highlighted it in green) from the bar and you will see many areas of product reviews. You may also try the Search function as sometimes the particular reviews that interest you can be hard to locate exactly. You will need to log in with your member details to see many of the items details as they are often member content only:

If you have a particular need/query then posting here in “Request a Test” can often get responses that often are helpful or generate CHOICE testing. Your membership helps to fund all these articles, tests and sites so Thank you for joining and I hope your experience will be very helpful to you.


Some of the topics you mention have come up for discussion in the forum:

Perhaps you will find what you wish there?


Hi @princeplanet,

Thanks for your feedback. We endeavour to test as many products as we can, but our budget is limited as we have strict policies around purchasing our test items in a retail setting.

I’ll make sure your requests are received by our product testing team.


That doesn’t preclude doing market surveys and bench top assessments?

Finding independent side by side product comparisons can be difficult. Perhaps paying a small fee to get independent expertise to help identify what features, product characteristics, application specifics matter most.

Choice has done similar successfully in a number of product areas, with consumer buying guides. Complemented by a little market research, what types of consumer products Choice might consider adding to the list?

I’ll second @Fred123 request to road test block splitters for hard to solve tech problems.