Westpac Worldwide Wallet Issues

I just received a Worldwide Wallet from Westpac and there are issues. Some of us in the world do not operate a fee filled Choice Account to transfer funds into the wallet quickly. In my case we operate an Equity Access Account usually in credit somewhat. We have used this account for every transfer of funds for decades and Westpac will not permit transfer of funds from an Equity Access Account directly and instantly into the Worldwide Wallet. They force you into opening a Choice Account which is full of fees and bugger all interest. Only then can you transfer money directly into the Wallet and if you minimise the Choice Acct balance the fees come on in, also there are weird fees like $5 here or there for transferring the money.
Also for the uninitiated if you need emergency money into your wallet a Westpac to Westpac Wallet BSB and Acct payment Westpac will hold onto your money in no mans land for 3-5 days before it actually goes into your Wallet. Here Westpac is literally doing NOTHING but holding your funds in short term money market for a few days and providing NO good timely customer service.
What a bunch of fee grubbing wan***kers.
The Help Desk were of no help, were cold and unserving in their attitude, the ONLY thing they did right was cancel the card immediately.
We cancelled the Wallet Card within 1 hour of getting it.


Hi @PeterM1, welcome to the community.

Thanks for the information on your experiences.

It also is a timely reminder to read product disclosure statement and FAQs associated with financial products to ensure one understands how they work, what the requirements are and the products limitations/fees. These particular documents may have highlighted some of the issues you found before making a commitment to apply for a WestPac Worldwide Wallet.

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