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Westpac Phishing Scam Warning

An article regarding phishing scams being sent to Westpac customers.

And the advice from Scamwatch.


Two phishing scams are targeting Westpac customers by asking them to verify online banking accounts.

An email with the subject line: “Important Message About Your Online Banking”, has been sent to account holders with the bank.

I wonder if it is being sent to Westpac account holders. If so how did the scammers get a list of customer emails?

More likely it is sent to a huge list of emails addresses dredged from many sources with the hope that some received by Westpac customers will be acted on. Those received by people who are not Westpac customers will be derided but the phishers don’t care, when the cost of each email is almost zero they send out as many as possible. Their energy goes into trying to make their fake acceptable to customers they hit at random not targeting the right people.


I suspect that they would be sent at random. None of the bank scam emails I have received over the years have ever purported to be from our bank but many have claimed to be from banks we have never dealt with.

A scattergun approach but they only need to catch a few profitable targets to make it worth their while.

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An update on this Westpac Text scam warning.