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Well Done, Coca-Cola Amatil

I have been drinking Kirks Dry Ginger Ale for some years, (safely sterilised with Scotch Whisky), and I buy the 10 x 375ml packs of cans.

When I opened a pack last week, 3 of the cans were bulging out at the base, which I have come across a few times, so they won’t sit upright and sometimes have low or no gas.

I contacted CCA and spoke with an extremely helpful lady who sent me an email to attach a photo to so she could send it to Quality Assurance.

She called back to advise that it most likely happened in handling after the pack left the factory, and the cans have an inverted dome at the base as a safety mechanism to allow the dome to pop out instead of the can bursting open.

Today I received an electronic gift card from CCA.

I could have taken the pack back to Coles who would have replaced it and most likely simply discarded the damaged cans, but I now know why the cans bulge as they do.

Well done, CCA.



Providing the cans aren’t badly damaged and the seal is left intact, if you have one of these…you can re-carbonate it rather than sending it down the drain…


Nice to hear a good news story :slight_smile:


Just had to say thanks for the laugh “(safely sterilised with Scotch Whisky)” :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


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