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Website safety for kids - Kaspersky Safe Kids is easily bypassed by kids using Gmail/Gsuite

Hi all

I am unsure how to let people know about this, so am posting here. We’ve tried both Norton Family and Kaspersky Safe Kids recently and feel that those with kids using Gmail or Google Classroom (which seems to be most kids in NSW) should be aware the Kaspersky CANNOT BLOCK CONTENT that is accessed via the Google apps on a tablet device.

Kaspersky Safe Kids worked great on a Windows device, but as soon as the kids use an iPad (I can’t comment on Android devices but suspect there’d be a similar result), even if you have blocked a site and locked off the inbuilt Safari browser, if the link is accessed via Gmail or any of the Google suite, the site WILL COME UP!

Kaspersky support advised that they cannot control what happens within apps, which effectively makes the software useless in my mind.

We’re back on Norton Family as it uses a VPN. If I find that there are issues with this, I’ll update here.

We have 2 kids aged 12 and 9.

I’d love to hear of other people’s experiences and whether they’ve had any luck with other products.