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I’m just trying to find out about this company as I have booked a trip with them in May but have encountered a few anomalies that are concerning me! We have paid a (non refundable) deposit but hadn’t received confirmation. I contacted them & they sent through details but contradicted one of the conditions they advertised ie that entrance fees for tours were not included - I pointed this out to them & they confirmed in writing that these were actually included. The conditions were that the balance has to be paid in full 3 months before departure but I called as I have not had an invoice nor any info regarding the flight only that we depart on 11/5/20 from Brisbane airport (which was obviously the selection I made). I have now live chatted & called them to request the invoice - they sent me a link to the invoice which will not load with my browser (Firefox). They advised me to load another browser (3 times!) I advised them that i didn’t wish to load another browser but if they could either email me the invoice or post it to me - apparently they can’t do this!!! Now I’m VERY worried! They advised that full details will be sent to me with final documentation ie 2-3 weeks before we depart & 2.5 months after we have paid in full (non-refundable). I stated that i find this unusual that they cannot give me the time that we fly & yet expect us to pay in full with basic info ie if anything is incorrect it doesn’t leave much time to rectify! I asked to speak to a Supervisor - waited for a few minutes & was then told she is unavailable but they took my mobile number & said she would ring - I asked for her name & they advised me they cannot provide the Supervisor’s name!!! I asked if they were based in Australia or abroad as I didn’t fancy a call at 4am - I was advised they were not in Australia but he wouldn’t say where - guessing by the accent The Philippines but not sure. Webjet itself says it is based in Melbourne so can anyone shed some light on this?


Hi @deniseb.19, welcome to the community and thanks for posting the problems you are having with Webjet.

Webjet.com.au is an Australian public company and has been around for a number of years offering flight and holiday packages. There should be no issue with Webjet persay as a company to deal with.

What is concerning is it appears that Webjet is being rather rigid in approach in relation to invoice management, rather than adapting their processes to meet all their customer needs. One would expect that their online systems would be compataible with standard and highly used browsers such as Firefox.

In relation to your Firefox, do you have any extensions/addons or settings that may impact on the ability to view the invoice, such as popup or advertisement blocking. Also, does the browser have an extention/addon that allows it to read all pdf documents, if the pdf documents are the format of the invoice. It may be worth checking these to see if they are a workaround to the problems you are having within Firefox.

If these doesn’t work, try contacting Webjet.com.au again and ask to speak to a supervisor/call centre manager OR ask for a local number to call to resolve your problems. Raise your concerns with them and also indicate that if the invoicing issue (emailing it to you) can’t be resolved, you plan to lodge a formal complaint with the ACCC. It appears that Webjet isn’t a member of ATAS so this option may not be available.

Many businesses use overseas call centres to save money, but these centres ability to resolve non-standard issues is limited…they have standard processes to follow rather than using their own initiative. This is why it is best to escalate or ask for a local contact.


Hi phb,
Thanks for input. Webjet Exclusives appears to run separately to Webjet (who I’ve booked flights with in the past with no problems). I tried to speak to a Supervisor - unavailable & will ring me back. I asked for a name - they’re not allowed to give the supervisors’ names & so far no call back. They conceded they are not in Australia as I don’t particularly want a call at 4am! I have messaged Webjet as they appear to be based in Australia & I’ve booked flights through them with no issues - they are monitoring but I’m feeling decidedly concerned with the whole thing!


How long ago did you make contact?


This is not unusual for tour group package as the tour operator will wait until they have numbers before booking hotels, transfers, restaurants, land transport, internal flights (if included) etc. Some parts of a tour can be nunber specific (such as the hotel used) and issuing information early could result in confusion if it continues to change.

It is part of the Webjet.com.au company and could be run separately to the flight booking services. It may be worth contacting the parent company Webjet Limited should you not find resolution through Webjet Exclusives.

Webjet Exclusives also have a facebook page which one may also use to make contact…if it is possible. Often publicly made contacts can stimulate a business to take action. (Note: one needs to be on facebook (unlike me) to use this option).


Have done the FB option via Messenger - now have invoice (yes they can email to me!) spoken to supervisor (yes they can give their names - this one was Gem!). Fingers crossed the holiday is better than their customer service - stay tuned :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum @deniseb.19. Thanks for writing in.

Not wishing to alarm you, but Webjet was heavily impacted ($48M out of pocket) by the liquidation of Thomas Cook in the UK.

Just make sure you continue to check everything to make sure the i-s are dotted, and the t-s are crossed so you receive what you expect on your holiday.

Hope it all goes well, and you have a smashing time away!