Ways to be Down on NBN

Hi BentEast. Did you get anywhere with NBN on this?

I’m doing some telecommunications advocacy myself as locally we have NBN maintenance issues and black spots and brown spots with useless mobile reception when power goes down, which it has for many days I’m the last two years (3x over a week in our district just inside the edge of metro Melbourne). Of course NBN says use a mobile if power is down. None of the mobile reception failure shows up on the telco maps, because they’re allowed to have these maps at low resolution. Our federal government absolutely failed in its duty of care.

Having threatened to disconnect me if I didn’t transfer to NBN, I’m now told my NBN speed isn’t up to scratch over 12 months later because of “co-existence”, with no deadline for when this ends. How convenient for NBN not to have to fix anything.

Jessica Cotter recently became NBN Community and Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Victoria, jessicacotter@nbnco.com.au
She’s tuned in, understanding and worth a try.
I encourage concerned communities to contact her.


Hi. Yes I did. ACCAN got involved, all my vulnerable priority assist neighbours had their modems upgraded to SIM- only operation. It was poorly handied by Telstra, but now means the PA customers are off the NBN network completely. Next step is arranging battery backup.

Thanks for sharing another useful advocacy contact. For individual / household issues I’ll keep.Jessica Cotter in mind… for systemic / state / national issues ACCAN should be kept in the loop.

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