Water Filter

Hi Folks,

I wonder if anyone in this forum has a comparison or opinion regarding filtered water bottles?

Something like alkaline water filters available online which have a myriad of claims in relation to their effectiveness and health benefits.

is that something that is really worthwhile to use or just a waste of money?

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you for your time in considering my first post here.

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Welcome to the community @Adm1n

The quality and standards for tap water in Australia are exceptional. In particular the water pH (alkalinity) is strictly managed.

It looks like one of those products selling a solution to a problem that does not exist. More a feel good product than one providing a tangible benefit. Good old tap water does just fine. Although the taste can vary, thirst conquers all.


It depends on what you want and what you have to work with.
What is your water like?
Why do you need to filter it?
Why is it important that it is alkaline?
Have you checked the price and availability of filters, what will it cost per year to run?


Yes, that’s what I’ve thought so.

It is quite common recently and bottled water with Alkalizing feature is quite expensive, more than normal water.

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I live in an old apartment ~ 20 yrs old approximately.
No issue so far, but I can feel the difference when drinking the tap water vs. Zip water tap/filter.

The cost per year to run is of course higher than using the Brita water filter.

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Do you have a zip filter? If so why do you want another?

If you enjoy filtered water in comparison to tap water I can’t say what that is worth, its value is subjective. If your tap water is acceptable then only you can decide if filtration is value for money. As another filter is a nice-to-have not an essential, is it worth some discretionary spending?

Here is a fun idea. Get a friend or member of the household to set up six glasses of water for you. Three contain tap water and three filtered water but only the friend knows which. You taste all six blindfolded and say if each is tap or filtered. The friend writes down the results of each tasting and tells you the result at the end of the tasting. If you can’t get all six correct why are you spending money on filtration?


I use a brita jug filter, which I am finding less and less need for. I think Hunter Water must have done something good, because the local water no longer tastes flat.


Mostly. Anyone who has tasted Adelaide water would probably disagree. Of course, it is probably quite difficult to get good taste from water that has been through several dozen different guts and sewer systems.

I will generally drink tap water - my teeth need whatever calcium they can get, and there are other things I can waste my money on.


@syncretic, No, this is from the Office Zip water tap.
Not at home.

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I’m in the Sydney area, and so far the water from Sydney water has been good.
it is relative to the plumbing inside the apartment or house that may give some additional taste.

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I’ve also heard and offered by my friends about Hydrogen Water and Hexagonal / structured water.
Structured Water: Definition, Benefits, Research, and More (healthline.com)

Looks like it is just another way to enhance the water taste.

Any other comments about that ?

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“Structured water”, “hexagonal water” etc are all mumbo jumbo. There is no basis in fact behind them. Make sure you don’t pay $487 for the 600ml bottle! Get the whole litre for $916.

It is quite possible that some people will enjoy such things more than other water. The reason is the good old placebo effect. If you believe in it then there is a better chance of it making you feel better. The effect is real and measurable. The question is, if its’ all just the same old water how much do you want to spend?

Sydney water is fairly soft and generally not over-treated with chlorine. There is far worse. When I lived there I never bothered with any kind of filter.


It’s pure marketing, not pure water.

Honestly, the most important thing is that you drink water. If the tap water is acceptable ‘as is’, just drink it.

Everything else is just designed to remove dollars from your pocket.

Under the assumption that the household is on “town” (reticulated) water. Your mileage may vary if on “tank” water.


Yes the chances are tank water is better.


I use Zazen and love it. I’ve had various filtration systems for the past 50 years. Now if I drink tap water I find it has a metallic taste. I brought up 3 children on filtered water…without fluoride…and not one of them had holes in their teeth. No fillings needed.
I won’t buy plastic bottles of water though…too damaging for the environment.


You were very lucky then, this is not the recommended way. Statistically children are more likely to have good teeth with fluoride, as we be able to demonstrate in a couple of decades by looking at decay rates in children in regions where various local governments in Oz have stopped fluoridating their water.