Water Damaged bed slats delivered

I sourced a hypoallergenic bed (mattress and slats) from an interstate (WA) supplier. The mattress and slats were delivered by road freight to QLD and were water damaged. The mattress was protected by plastic but the plastic around the slats (wood and timber veneer) was broken. Water has damaged the slats with swelling of the rails and mold in several places. I am ill from mold and cannot use the slats. I cannot even have them in my home as the mycotoxins from the mold and water damage affect my health.

Regardless of my health situation the goods are damaged and why should I pay premium dollar for something that is damaged.

I rang the delivery company as it’s likely this resulted in the delivery and they referred me to the sender. The sender organised the courier as part of the purchase of the bed. I rang and emailed photos of the damage to the sender and he has referred the photos to a toxicologist?? He may be considering that i clean the mold off which will be impossible for most of the damaged areas are veneer and the mold will set in it. It looks as though the slats have been in storage too with a lot of dust in them.

I would like to know my consumer rights. I paid by bank deposit so my credit card insurance does not cover this.

I would like the slats replaced and in new condition without any damage.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
Thanks you

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Hi @holidayoffer,

Start by reading the Australian Consumer Law. If they are not forthcoming I, in your place, would send them a formal ‘Letter of Demand’ using the pro forma guidance here.

Good luck and please let us know how you go.


If a member of Choice you can also use their help service at https://www.choice.com.au/choice-help-form

Keep detailed records of your emails, phone calls and letters when contacting the senders and or delivery people. If sending by letter try to get a receipt (such as using Registered Mail)


Ok thanks. I have read it. Seems to apply as goods were not deluvered as expected/advised and who would buy damaged goods. Just not sure of how delivery affects outcome as it appears the impact took place during delivery which was organised by the seller. I don’t know if he organised insurance. I did not even think of it as he said the goods are wrapped in plastic and protected, and I usually pay with Visa card but I didn’t this time.

Great. I am. I will use this. Just want to understand where each party sits and what my rights are. Hopefully it is a positive outcome.

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The Sender is responsible for the transit of the goods to you as they contracted the delivery company/person to carry out the task. So whether the damage occurred prior to or during transport to you the sender is responsible. This has been looked at in a number of sections within this site but here is a post I did about an issue I had: