Watch out for tax scams

Tax-related scams have cost Australians more than $1 million in 2016. Read @npatch’s article on tax scams, following advice from ACCC.

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One number they use for the ATO tax scam is: 02 6188 5614, they (as in a recorded message, asking you to call back) have just called me again.


We have call recognition and an answering machine (using the internal default message so that no personal details are provided).

Any unknown number we generally let the answering machine answer it and 95% of the time the scanner’s robocall hangs up when the answering machine answers the home.

There has been the occasional scammer (about 5%) that leave a message. The last one was that they were going to call back that evening and that if we didn’t answer the phone the police would be coming out to arrest us as we had a tax debt.

We ignored the phone later in the day when it rang again.

I must admit that the number of scam calls is becoming irritating. We, along with parents and neighbours we have mentioned to, on average get a a scam call every day or second day. If the phone is not answered, they try 2-3 times in that call cycle/same day. They are also using caller id spoofing which makes it harder to determine the legitimacy of the call just from looking at the number.