Washable electric blankets - are they safe to wash?

In 2011 I purchased a Sunbeam quilted fitted electric blanket. It was close to $200 and I was really happy with it… Recently I followed the instructions in its booklet and washed it. Power cables detached before washing as designed… Waited a couple of weeks so it was definitely completely dry. When I finally switched it on there was a strange smell and the blanket switched itself off. Given the number of fires started by electric blankets there is no way I am using this one ever again. Has anyone else had any issues washing a “washable” electric blanket?


As winter approaches a very timely post to add to the forum .


Hi @g.simos, you might find some of the tips in our electric blankets guide useful (if you decide to get a new one). I’m with you on the safety concerns - as soon as there were any signs of trouble, I’d be retiring the old one!


One used to be able to get electric blankets tested…especially those which may already have seen a few seasons. Might be worth doing for any used ones.