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WA Rock Lobsters For $20 at Coles and Woollies

An article regarding Coles and Woollies selling WA rock lobsters for $20 each after the disgusting grubs in China left the fishing industry in the lurch.

I have been checking our local Coles since Saturday for stocks and I asked the store manager who was actually serving customers in the deli yesterday about them, and he claimed that no Cairns Coles stores would be getting any.

Today I rang the Coles and Woollies stores in the Cairns CBD, both of which said they had not received any yet but were expecting to receive some.

I expect that it is just another case of the North being left at the end of the supply chain as usual just like how they send us the third grade cherries that they would not be able to sell down South.

Has anyone seen any stocks at Coles or Woollies, and if so, at what locations.

No, just closed season for the Qld Tropical rock lobster (painted crays mostly) fishery. Closed season ends 31 January.

Perhaps Woolies and Coles are waiting till 01Feb? :rofl:

I asked the deli staff at our local Woollies this afternoon about the lobsters and the supervisor said that they have had only 1 carton so far which quickly sold out.

She very kindly offered to put me on the waiting list, and I am # 10 on the list.

They cannot get any advvice as to what quantity they will receive or when, and they have a limit of 4 per customer.


Today our local Woolies had a notice on top of the seafood display advising that they had sold their quota and would not receive anymore before Xmas.

So much for the massibe glut that all Coles and Woollies were going to sell nationally.


It could be like toilet paper earlier in the year…maybe lobsters have something to do with COVID and someone is amassing a stockpile.



Our local seafood market has lobsters whole for $45.

What is it when a promotion is a limited time limited quantity get in early deal? And the fine print is absent.

One way to get a customer through the door.
I’ll check out one of the more well stocked Woolies in BrisVegas on our upcoming visit.


Just to add insult to injury, I just received thie week’s email from Coles & Co with this link included.

Looks like Coles don’t know the difference between Xmas and April Fools’ Day.


Nothing to report!
IE A Woolworths Ashgrove seafood counter adorned with several A4 sized notices very clearly apologising that the advertised lobster is currently unavailable.

Not even an empty tray where the product might have been displayed. At least with ‘Aldi Special Buys’ you can be confident that if you miss out on the first day there is no need to keep coming back. At least for 12 months.

Also out of Chilean crab claws. Plenty of Aussie prawns, bugs, and farmed salmon, all freshly thawed for our convenience.

There is no shortage of SA sourced lobster at the specialty seafood outlets. With the rough seas expect most local product has also been on ice for a few days or is from aquaculture.

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