🎥 VMAX / Xtreme Screen VS Standard cinema screen - *POLL

Considering both cost and viewing experience, which is better - VMax/Xtreme Screen or standard cinema screen?

Both Village and Event cinema chains have VMAX screens, and both make claims of bigger screens and bigger seats. Hoyts Xtreme Screen boasts a "gigantic screen with the biggest and best sound in the complex that will blow you away!! "

Double exclamation points aside, tickets to VMAX or Xtreme screen sessions also come at a price premium of around $5, and also usually stipulations of ‘No Free Tickets’ or a lack of ‘club’ discounts that might otherwise be available.

So is the experience of the bigger screen and seats delivered as promised, and if so is this much different to the standard cinema experience? Vote in our poll and share your thoughts below.

  • VMAX / Xtreme Screen is the better option
  • Standard screen is a superior choice

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If you feel neither is better, leave a comment below.


Just for reference, here’s the ticket costs of a session at VMAX:

An here’s a regular session price:


I have been to one or two VMAX screenings because that was the only option at the time.

In your poll there needs to be a ‘neither is better’ or ‘I could not tell the difference’ option.

In my experience neither SCREEN is better or superior. Because I couldn’t see any difference or improvement with the VMAX, the normal screen is better or superior value for money .


I wonder if this is a marketing gimmick as one would need to have both screens side by side to see a difference…or become overly reliant on the marketing hype of VMAX?

The other poll selection could be ‘didn’t know there was supposed to be a difference’.

As a result, I couldn’t contribute to the poll.


Likewise. I’ve only ever seen standard. I don’t go often because although the screen is fine, I don’t know why the sound has to be so loud that your ears ring. Last time I went I had my fingers stuck in my ears for much of the movie, so as to reduce the volume, and I could hear it all quite clearly. Next time, I’m going to take my over-ear headset.


I think if people are not sure, then the ‘Standard’ screen becomes the right answer for the poll as it’s cheaper and you haven’t really noticed the difference. The VMAX/Xtreme screens in my area are a bit larger, but I wouldn’t worry too much about hunting down a session due to this factor.

In a lot of cases, the screen you get can depend on the popularity and release date of the movie. The standard screen experience for a new release movie is normally in a decent size screening room. Older movies tend to get bumped to the smaller rooms from what I’ve seen.