Vita gummies - categorised as food not medication

So Natures Way started making vitamins for kids as lollies, now they’re expanding the range to include adults.

The thing is, when I called them for more information about the products a couple of years ago. They stated that because these are categorised as a food item, not a medication, they don’t have to prove that the nutrients will be delivered to the system.

Things may have changed, and I’m definitely not remembering the details in full, but I really want to know if vita gummies are under the same requirements as typical vitamin pills to provide accurate information, actual nutrients, and the same rigour of testing.


Hi @setphasertomiss,
@rclemons had this to say about vitamin supplements in a previous article. “Aside from a few specific situations or groups of people, most people who have a balanced diet have no need for supplementation.” The article also points out that it’s particularly important to provide a healthy selection of foods for their children rather than give them a multivitamin to cover up for possible nutritional shortfalls.

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You may like to watch this video about Vita Gummies from The Checkout - start at 3 min 15 sec:


THANKYOU @fayelifar it’s good to see there has been some investigation into them. Not so great to see they’re marketing their product even more these days. It’s really concerning that a vitamin company can make “food” products that sit between their actual vitamins with no one to say “that’s completely dishonest”